Modem/Router Recommendations

Hi All,
We recently moved from IL to NC and left our old ISP modem behind :slight_smile:
I have gone with TimeWarnerCable 100Mbps internet service at our new address in Charlotte, NC. I’m not really up on the latest technology for modems/routers.

Any recommendations on one that is recommended for use with Tablo? I didn’t see anything on the Tablo website.

What is the make and model of the modem your ISP is providing?

It may be good enough to do the job.

I’m not sure what TWC uses for their 100 mbps service. I had said I would provide my own as I understand it is typically more cost effective than renting.

@chadzeilenga - TWC is currently under investigation in NY State for providing crappy routers so good plan :wink:

Lots of folks are liking the TP Link Archer series. Good quality & affordable.

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I would recommend the TP-Link Archer C7 or C8 routers. These are only routers of course, so you’ll also have to buy a separate modem that works with your ISP.

I would contact the ISP to find out which modems work with their service.

I’m using the Netgear AC1750 (model R6400-100NAS) which works fine for us. Setup was simple and no troubles for seven months. Cheers.

I signed up for 100Mbps service, but reading fine print on the attached says that isn’t even supported in that area yet.

Looks like a number of options I’ll have to sort through and figure out what I need/want. Arris, Linksys, Motorola, Netgear, TP-Link and Zoom all listed.

Just make sure you get an AC router. There are many makes and models as I am partial to ASUS RT AC Series, but that is just brand loyalty and my opinion. Where most people make the mistake is when they set up the router and not give devices static IP’s. Smart phones and iPads can and should be set up in the network settings of the device. As for Tablo, most of us like wired but the AC wireless router is these days do a great job as well. It is very important that the Tablo be set up static as well. Sb6141 docsis 3.0 modem Arris has served me well for 5 yrs. For the low price the Archer C7 or C8 are phenomenal routers

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I would go with the cheapest standalone modem that will give you the service you can get, so if it’s only 30 Mbps, get that one. Modems are fairly reliable, and if it’s only for an Ethernet connection you should be good.

Then get a good router where you can take with you if you move again.

The idea is your router can be used with multiple different modems and likely will out live the modem. Check out the link below.

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What is the difference between an Internet Modem Only & WIFI Modem?

Internet modem only means if has only a modem function, not a router function (that means no LAN and WiFi).

WiFi modem means it is a combo device, it is a modem and router. The router is the LAN function, and also has WiFi capability.

Read this:

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