MLB TV free for T Mobile customers starting today

Starting today and through April 10th, T Mobile subscribers can get a 1 year subscription to MLB TV for free. You need to sign up via a phone on T Mobile’s network, but once you’ve done that, you can access the service on any platform. I’m not a big fan of baseball, but will probably watch once and a while, including the all star game and the world series.

Surf on over to Http:// from your T Mobile phone while on the network (not wi-fi) to sign up if you’re interested.

Thanks for posting…already did earlier. T-mobile seems to be the carrier for cord cutters. Discount on Sling TV, Free year of Netflix if you got S7, and now free mlb tv

Also, don’t forget to claim your free Vudu credits. Entitles you to one free movie a month, actually a $3.99 credit on your account. I’m taking advantage of the Sling TV discount as well. I also like the fact that streaming on most services doesn’t deduct from your data… not that it matters much to me, as I have unlimited data, but still.

Trying out the MLB TV app on my Roku just now… the quality is outstanding on my living room 55" TV… full HD quality.

Home or Away? Both streams are available. Using Roku 4 in living room. T-Mobile - THE carrier for Cord Cutters! Not to forget the FREE YEAR of Netflix for getting Galaxy S7.