Missing the first few episodes of new shows

I hear about a new show after a few episodes. So, I record a few episodes, only to find out that by episode number 4, I am completely lost. Sometimes, I can go to the channel’s website and watch those early episodes. Most of the time, no. I can wait a year or two then watch on Netflix, Amazon or whatever.

I guess my question to you is how do you know that new shows are about to broadcast?

On some of the Tablo apps (i.e. then Android one) you can go to TV Shows and there is a Premiering filter at the top

I use http://www.metacritic.com/feature/tv-premiere-dates


Wow, this is a great site. Never found it until now. Thanks :smiley:

We also have a weekly newsletter where we list all of the upcoming premieres and specials:

I don’t want to be negative but I didn’t see anything about new shows in that link. Just a bunch of vague references to football.

The Science Fiction (and Seth) fans are looking forward to The Orville premiering on FOX in a couple of weeks.

Some Star Trek and Science Fiction fans are looking forward to Star Trek: Discovery on CBS at the end of the month. At least the premiere episode. I’m still not clear if this will be broadcast OTA going forward or by subscription only.

To be clear, that list is for everything premiering between the week after the newsletter goes out (Friday).

Since The Orville premieres on the 10th, we’ll be featuring it this week.

I will use the link provided by Flying Diver. Thank you.

While I look forward to and read my Friday Cord Cutter email, it does just have a few new or live shows in the next week.

Most of what I miss seem to be PBS British mystery series. For instance, I have a few of The Tunnel, but not #1. I now have all of season 4 of Endeavour except #1. I am missing some of the PBS show “Agatha Cristie’s Partners in Crime.” Yes, I can PAY FOR their Passport subscription, but you know I won’t do that.

That seams reasonable to me.