Missing guide info on just one channel

Brand new user to a TV connected Tablo. Happy so far but have a question about the guide.

I’m currently on my free 30 days of the two week guide and plan to purchase the package for this option. Although many of the channels show the complete guide just fine, my local ABC affiliate just has the one day or so. If I look at the following day, it’s blank. I can’t tell if it’s just not loading or there’s nothing there.

That’s the only station that seems to be missing the information.

Is this a Tablo problem? Or maybe the station isn’t giving updated info?

That sounds like a guide data source problem. @TabloSupport

What’s your zip code?

29601, although the Tablo would not accept that one. So I used a nearby one. 29617.
Not sure if this matters, but that station is based in Asheville North Carolina which is quite far from where I am in Upstate South Carolina. But it is our local ABC affiliate.

Try picking a zip code closer to Asheville.

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