Missing guide info for Story Television in St. Louis

Every other channel has guide info and it’s up to date as of the minute I’m posting this. I previously had guide info for said channel but now it just shows “Programming Not Available” in the guide. Their website and other providers like Zap2It are accurately showing the info. Actual channel plays just fine over the antenna, it’s just the lack of guide info so can’t DVR

KNLC 24.8
Zip Code in the Tablo settings 63084

It’s this OTA FAST?

Have you tried running a guide update and checking on it about 30m later?

You could also try removing the station, saving the list, rescanning and adding the station, but also make sure you wait for a guide update to finish.

Otherwise, it could be an issue with the station not providing the data.

No, it’s not FAST, I said in my original post the station’s call letters and channel number. Plus Story TV isn’t even available as a FAST network.

Already rescanned and the guide data comes in when I have my antenna directly plugged into my TV so it’s definitely Tablo’s end (or at least, whoever supplies their guide data) and it was working just a couple weeks ago when the data last updated prior to today.

Did you uncheck, save, rescan, recheck, save, wait 30m?

I did see this but when I edited my reply, I added that extra out if habit.

Check out the following info from Tablo. In particular see the March 2024 Update near the end of the page:

That’s disappointing.
Is the same guide provider used for 4th Gen and Legacy Tablos? Despite my requests a few months ago, new subchannels in my area aren’t getting guide data. I have a Legacy Tablos.

Edit: To be clear, I read the article and it says Tablos acknowledges the guide provider has been less responsive to requests.

Except that article is specifically mentioning if you have a new channel that doesn’t have guide data yet, I’ve had guide data for that channel (and the other channels owned by the same exact company, Weigel) for months now since I got my Tablo, nothing changed. And I’ve had new data since March too, all the way up to earlier this month.

I’m in St Louis County, directly west of the city. I have a 3rd gen Tablo Dual 128GB.

FYI for anyone not in the STL broadcast region, channel 24 does exist OTA and has 8 subchannels. It is not a FAST channel.

I could have sworn that 24.7 & 24.8 had zero guide data before I checked just now, but both channels now have guide data as of 5 mins ago (2:35pm CST, May 27th). Clearly I’ve confused them with channel 25, as 25.7 & 25.8 have zero guide data. Checking them does show that these aren’t placeholders, they are live subchannels that are broadcasting. (25.8 being infomercials, it’s no loss. 25.7 is a Telemundo feed - which should be available on channel 45 but we apparently don’t get that).

I’ve checked on Roku, Android and the Windows Store app. Guide data loads for 24.8 regardless, as it does for all channels.

One thing I’d say is that I’ve had my Tablo for 3 years but only just started really using it as in the city, we had very poor OTA signal (and we had cable included in our apartment rental agreement). We moved a month ago to St Louis County, where the signal is pretty good, even with with heavy rain we had last night.

This could be poor signal as having the Tablo next to our TV, right in the middle of our apartment, lead to dropped signal and in some cases no guide data. It’s now on the 3rd floor, antenna is literally in the window pointing towards the city, where most if not all of the transmitters are.

That said, it’s possible something was amiss and pure chance has fixed the problem in the 24 hours or so since you originally posted. Try rescanning, that may help.

The only non-perfect signal channels we get are Ion on 46 and subchannels… but they all work fine.

Still no info here after multiple rescans, removing channels, and guide updates but I changed my zip code from my actual city (63084) to St. Louis proper (63109) and that DOES have guide info despite being the exact same channels since it’s the same market

Sounds like it might be some bug then?

Your zip code is somewhat further away from the STL metro than mine (and certainly my old one of 63108, being in the city itself) so I can believe that someone from nowhere near the STL metro area may not be aware that you should get the same guide data when you’re well within the STL metro TV broadcast area.

I haven’t tried changing the zip code yet to see if I can get the 2 missing channels to get accurate guide data but I’m now tempted to give that a go - I’ll post back if I find one that covers everything.

I know the guide data is being pulled from a 3rd party vendor. I dont think Tablo has FULL control over it, but can adjust some settings.

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I know that if you open a ticket, they’ll reach out to the station or provider and see if there’s a way to get things synced.

But most of the time, the answer comes down to using a nearby zip code. From what I gather, this has been going way longer than the 4th gen puck has been around.

The dumb thing is, it worked fine since I got the Tablo months ago (this is literally the main channel I watch most days so I would’ve definitely noticed if it was broken before now :smile: ) so it definitely worked for this ZIP code before, something must of changed for some reason.

I know Tablo doesn’t provide the data but obviously they have the ability to contact said provider, the user doesn’t (especially when it’s not even mentioned publicly who said provider is, you don’t even know who to contact)

You’re right … something changed but it’s likely out of Tablo’s control.

For about a week now I’ve had one station show up with this exact same issue, but I don’t watch it so I don’t care. It’s possible trying another zip code would work, but I am using a nearby one to get other stations I DO watch to work properly.

@BrandonGiesing So I’ve gone back to my old zip code to rescan (63108). My Tablo added a few extra sub-channels and 46 is showing as having perfect signal, otherwise everything I had before I still have. All work fine (a total of 53 now tuned vs 48 before with my STL county zip) when the weather is good. I gained a 4.8 subchannel with no guide data (Outlaw) and 25.7 (& 25.8 still have no guide data.

Notably, I used tvtv.us for guide data in my old place when I had cable. For broadcast, that website lists the 3 sub-channels for 4.8, 25.7 & 25.8 but also doesn’t have guide data. Make of that what you want. There are channels on 33, 45 & 51 but those are apparently low power and I don’t get them in any case.

While I didn’t have any guide data issues except those mentioned, I guess the solution (if you want to call it that) is to use a zip for downtown STL as you’ve done until this problem re-occurs, then bounce around different STL zip codes to see if you can find one with the full guide data.

So even more issues now due to a channel change on 24, StoryTV still has no guide info on 24.8 but now in addition, what was on 24.2 (NLEC TV) shut down yesterday and is being replaced with MeTV Toons on the 25th, it’s already airing a pre-launch loop.

The guide info even past the 25th is still showing the NLEC TV schedule despite the channel being completely gone, both for my ZIP code and the other STL one I tried to get Story to work again, so I won’t be able to DVR any of the new cartoon shows on launch day.

Chances are very few of us will be able to DVR specific shows on MeTV Toons on launch day, I’ll bet. When there’s a change in a subchannel, it seems that it will take at least a few days for the change to be made in the guide aggregators, such as Gracenote (for Tablo and Titan TV), Rovi (for Tivo and tvguide.com), etc.

If the channel is an existing channel, the changes SHOULD automagically come through.

In Jackson, Mississippi, Tougaloo College owned WLOO 35.5 added the MeTV Toons loop about 2 weeks ago, but still shows the guide data for ThisTV, even though ThisTV was removed on the 1st of June.

As far as getting the guide data corrected for Tablo, I advise the following:

Create a ticket with Tablo Support. The trick is to provide a list of all the corrections needed.
Look up which Nielsen TV market you are in and provide that.
Include the call letters and affected subchannel numbers for each subchannel with missing or incorrect data. Provide the name of the network or diginet you know it shows.

Also, see if you can reach out to the station engineer of the TV station in question. Usually, a Google search can provide contact information for the station engineer. If you can’t find that, use whatever contact information they do have and ask that the request above be forwarded to the station engineer.

I really wish Gracenote would provide a page to submit guide issues directly to them. Their information would stay more consistent if they did.