Missing guide data for one channel

Last month I set up my Tablo, and all is working great. I’m in the North Raleigh area, and find that the local Raleigh CW channel WLFL 22-1 sometimes has great reception, and sometimes it’s miserable. After a re-scan I noticed I get a Greensboro CW channel WCWG 20-1, and sometimes this has reception when the Raleigh station doesn’t, so I added it to my channel line up.

It’s been about two weeks, and there is still no guide data for the WCWG. I’m wondering if it’s a geographical limitation because this station is not in the set of guide data for my area? If it matters, my zip code is 27613. Is there any way to add this station’s guide data?


@JasonP - You bet there is! 

We’ll have @TabloSupport get this patched up for you.

In having the same problem with 11-3 kntv in the SF Bay Area

I have a bunch of channels not loading… Thoughts?

@Jjr - Email Tablo support with that info, your zip code and your Tablo’s MAC address and we’ll get that fixed up for you.

@Msswan727 - Do you mean they don’t appear in your channel guide? Or are you experiencing buffering? Either way, send a note to support@tablotv.com and they can help troubleshoot.

I emailed support about the channel not loading a week ago. Still nothing.

I’m having the same problem… my zip code is 29316 and the channel is WHKYDT2 (14-2 this tv), and other channels from 14-1 through 14-4

@Jjr Did you send it through this form? Or directly to support@tablotv.com? We should answer pretty quick - but it can take a few days for the guide data to get loaded. We’ll provide you with a reference number and updates on the guide data, though.

@pngwolffman If you’re missing guide data, let us know through a ticket! We can get this added for you.

I have a problem with zip code 49301, it doesn’t have guide data for 23.1, 23.2, 23.3 which are lansing PBS stations. Can you please add this as my antenna gets these lansing stations from this zip code.

Also, 15.1, 15.2, 15.3 from holland needs to be added to the 49301 zip code for guide data.


you need to submit a support ticket with them, asking here probably wont help you.

Happened similar to me. Tablo help is useless and could not tie my zip code to the channels I request. I have to guess like throwing darts by changing to different zip code and eventually worked. I tried Tablo support for a week but same is still the same, Useless. By the way, I have already paid my membership fee.

If the guide data isn’t available in your zip code, we need to submit a ticket through our guide data provider to have it added. We’ve already done this for your case, and they’re working with the broadcasters in your area to get the schedule information now.

The support has been great. All the channels I requested were populated with guide. Thank you!

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