Missing Guide Data after re-scan and add to guide function performed

After re-orienting my antenna, I performed a re-scan of the channels. Approximately 51 channels were indicated as in the past.

After selecting the boxes for the channels I typically view, I enabled the add to guide function.

After some time, the live tv screen appeared but all programming data was gone.

When I went back to the settings menu to perform another re-scan, a message indicated I wasn’t receiving any channels.

Even without the guide data, I’m able to tune into most if not all of my 51 previously scanned channels.

I’ve been successful using this for almost 2yrs without any significant problems until recently.

In searching through some past threads, this seems to have occurred to others in the past.

I’ve attempted changing the zip code, hit the reset button on the back my tablo, deleted and re-installed the apps on my Fire Sticks but to no avail.

I even updated to the latest firmware which was just pushed out in Jan 2018.

Is anyone else having a similar experience? The vintage of my 4-tuner Tablo is from approximately June of 2016.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

Are you just seeing cross hatches across the Live TV grid? Is it for ALL channels?

Yes, I’m seeing the cross hatches across the Live TV grid but all of the fields are empty of content.

I’ve opened a ticked with Tablo support services (#40862) but haven’t heard back yet as to their findings or when they might be able to respond next.

Just took a quick look at your case.

It looks like you sent a follow-up note to check in. Since we work on a first-in-first-out system this will push your case to the back of the queue and cause longer wait times.

I’ll ask the team to prioritize your case, but it’s best to avoid the ‘check in’ email in the future. In general, you can expect a reply back within 1 business day, or you can give us a ring.

Ok, good to know. Thanks.

In the meantime, can you check in on your Tablo via the web app at my.tablotv.com? What’s happening there? Same thing?

Did you do the channel scan via your Fire TV sticks, or via a web or mobile app?

The same thing has been happening across all of my platforms, iPhone, Fire Stick, and the web app.

After re-scanning and using the add to guide feature, once i disconnect from whichever device i’m using, Tablo won’t let me log back in until after I’ve power cycled the unit.


And as mentioned, did you do the channel scan on your Fire TV sticks, or did you do that process on the web or mobile app?

Have you tried connecting to your Fire TV sticks using the Tablo Preview app? Or are you using the original Tablo apps there?

I’ve performed the scan multiple times on both the web app and iphone mobile app with the same results.

I’m not familiar with what you mean for Fire Stick Tablo preview app.

Go to the Amazon app store and search for Tablo. You should see two apps, one should have the ‘Preview’ label.

It uses a different connection method to the Tablo, so it’d be interesting to see if you’re able to reach it that way.
More info on Preview here:


Ok, i downloaded the Amazon Tablo preview app and it had identical results.

Also, I’ve since performed the channel scan function and add to guide function across the iphone, Fire Stick, web browser, and Fire Stick preview Tablo apps.

Ironically, when I got to Settings and look at guide section for Edit Channel line up, it comes up with a message ‘no channels were detected’ yet in the Active Channels table within the Guide Section of the Setting menu, it’s seemingly listing a good number of channels.

I’ve recently gotten an email from Mathew in support to put my device back in remote access. Hopefully, he can find out something more.

OK - that’s an important clue. Matthew will take a gander at your Tablo which hopefully will yield some more clues and point to a solution.

Stay tuned!

Well, I’m certainly hopeful!

This is an aside from this thread but I’ve been meaning to express how much I’ve enjoyed using your product and only wish I had discovered it sooner.

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Thanks for the kind words!

I’m sure we’ll be able to get this figured out for you soon!

I’m having the exact same problem. It all started with a rescan of channels. I’ve put in a ticket with Tablo and waiting to see what is found out. But I will also be watching this thread to see if there are any answers.

I got a message some of their engineers might also be taking a look at this problem so hopefully they’re able to figure this out.

I’m assuming from your user name, you’re in the Seattle area. Are you able to pickup the CBC for hockey games?

Hope they find something out, it’s been frustrating. I have my antenna pointed South which gets most of the available channels in the area, so no CBC. However that does make me think of investing in another long range antenna and see what I can pull in from the North!

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Tech support said I had some kind of corrupted data kernel but a factory reset ought to resolve the matter.

I’m a bit challenged as I have a 4-tuner tablo and the link they sent me was the factory reset intructions for a Tablo Duo.

Struggling to find reset instructions for a 4 tuner tablo on this site or elsewhere on the web.

I started a different thread to inquire about the 4 tuner factory reset instructions.

Surprisingly somebody must have done something as my Tablo just started working again. Might want to try another reboot before the factory reset. Good luck!

I eventually found the reset instructions which turns out it’s the same as for the DUO.


After the factory reset, looks like I’m back in business!