Missing Guide data 3 channels

I did a rescan on my channels the other day and a 3 new channels came in. I added them to my guide and it seems like they are not populating with guide data. When I look at the guide every other channel has data. There are 3 blank likes where the new channels are. I updated the guide data several times and they still didn’t populate so strange.

Try a nearby zipcode. If that doesn’t work, open a Support Ticket with Tablo so they can add the channels to your current zipcode.

I logged into TV guide and put my zip code in there and they don’t have it either. Thanks.

That’s happened to me as well, when new channels were populated into my Tablo. The support guys here are very good about having guide data added when you let them know… simply send a request to support, letting them know your zip code and the channels you’d like to have added, and they should appear relatively soon in your guide.

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