Missing channels - 74008

It isn’t a huge deal, but we are able to pick up a second set of PBS stations where I live. I’m wondering if there is some way I can add them to my guide on the Tablo.

Our Zip Code is 74008 and the missing channels/sub-channels are:

KOET-DT Real channel ID - 31, Virtual ID-3.1

Here’s a TV Fool report showing them


Like I said it isn’t a huge deal that there are missing as we do have other PBS stations, but from time to time it is my understanding that this channel and its sub-channels do show different programming.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

@shiner We can add missing guide data, if the channels are showing up in your channel scan on the Tablo. But we can’t manually add channels for you. Try running another scan (Settings > Edit channel lineup > Rescan> Add to guide) and tweaking your antenna a bit!

Thank you. The Tablo does not pull the channels during a channel scan. However with the antenna located in the same spot and connected directly to a television the channels show up in a scan.

Like I said, it isn’t a big deal but would have been a nice add.

Thanks again…

I am also having the same issue in my area. We are able to see 10-1 pbs when connected to a tv, area code (53089). The channel scan does not find this channel. I would like the ability to manually add this channel even if there is missing guide information for a channel.

@Mikey We can add missing guide data - but there’s no way to manually add channels to the Tablo’s lineup without the antenna pulling them in during the scan.

You can run a new scan by navigating to: Settings > Edit channel lineup > Rescan> Add to guide. Note: this is not currently supported in the Roku app.

Zip 98635. Channel 49-2 Escape, station KPDXSD1, call sign K22KC-D.

Shows up in the Tablo scan, and is included on the Tablo guide, but shows no programming information. We can click the channel ID in the guide’s left hand column and watch live tv only.

Have re-scanned 3-4 times and re-added to the guide. Guide download and sync complete each time. Full bars, 3 miles from the broadcast tower, direct line of site, all other stations populate correctly.

Station is published correctly in the TV Guide (CBS Interactive, ver 5.0.5).

Any chance of adding this channel to your guide?

We really like the Tablo, and will continue to follow, and maybe even participate, with all the folks here who help to smooth and improve our cord cutting efforts.

@Fly4free - Pop a note to support and we can get working on this for you: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

In the meantime, you may want to try another nearby zip to see if those channels are already associated.

It might take over two weeks as it has from to add guide data for 54-2 and 54-3. They are GRIT and LAFF. I even went so far as giving them channels to copy from San Antonio. Just simply map the SA stations to Austin stations I said. Meanwhile, I continue using THE BEST tv guide, which has had them from DAY 1, which is www.titantv.com. of course I emailed them as soon as I knew the launch date, but that WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR TABLO. Still waiting :angry: I don’t know where Titantv gets their data from , but if you register, which is free, you can create fake channels as I did for BYU which is a cable channel that also streams live.

For what it is worth, Zap2it doesn’t have the new stations either. I think the problem is REALLY SCHEDULES DIRECT, which is where Zap2it and Tablo’s EPG provider get the data. David is doing all he can! :blush: just wish he could go to SD and fix it or if the Tablo itself had a way of mapping a known distant station to local station. Such as the SA stations, which are even in the same time zone.

I get several PBS SUB Stations. Unfortunately none of them are HD… Most of the subs are repeats of current programs or archival stuff from way back. I use it mainly to watch stuff I missed on my main (50-1) PBS station.

The 18-1 is 1080
-2,-3,-4 are all 480

Yes all -1 channels appear as HD. My experience is that all subs are not.

Fox O&o are all 720 for -1 and 480 for rest. Such as KTBC in Austin, TX

Zap2it has 54’2 and 54-3 as of this afternoon

Is it possible for @Tablotv to get OTA guide info broadcast if their is no guide data in the live channelsd. 54 has the epg on my tv using what is broadcast by the station.

AOL tvlistings have them today. Still not on Tablo :persevere:

Had some missing guide information on one of our channels (a couple of posts back). Opened up a ticket with support, and the Tablo folks responded immediately with a working solution (it takes a few days to complete the loop with guide’s information provider). These guys are on the ball. They have a vested interest in their product, and it shows. The entire ecosystem of over the air television/broadcast tower location/antenna requirements/wi-fi configuration/streaming interface/black box art is enough to make a person nuts. I personally think it’s all them thar’ radio waves in the air… We feel lucky to have a limited amount of OTA stations coming in from one very close tower location. Best of luck to all you cord cutters!