Miserable (and my title is too short?)

My nice welcome to this community is that my desperate cry for help was marked as spam and is not visible.

One of my posts was automatically flagged as spam, too.
@TabloTV will fix that for you, as they did for me.

@permutations - I’m able to see it. Just responded.

Small freak-out last night, sorry. My Tablo was hanging after I tried to update the firmware update and I feared it was hosed. I was able to get it going again, thankfully.

I like the Tablo a lot. Can’t decide whether to buy a lifetime guide or pay monthly.

Don’t know why people say it doesn’t work with the Roku 3 - works fine for me. Since I have PlayStation Vue, I spent some time last night trying to get it to work with the PlayStation 3, ultimately to discover that only the PlayStation 4 recognizes Plex channels. No matter - Tablo works fine with Roku 3, and Plex on Roku is useful for other things.

There were loading please wait, a.k.a. LPW, buffering issues with Roku 3’s before Roku updated their firmware version to v7.0 Build 9044.