Mis-identified channel

After channel scan some channels appear as one thing on the guide when in fact they are different sources and the programming listed is also incorrect.
For example: a channel identified as PBS is in fact a non PBS Spanish language station with kids programming.

@CTY - Sorry you’re running into this. Send a note or give our support team a ring with the details of which channels are affected, your Tablo’s serial number, and the zip code you used to set up your Tablo and we’ll get it fixed up for you.

Channel 15 which is identified as PBS is in fact Telemundo
The PBS station that I am looking for PBS SOCAL 17 does not appear in the scans although it appears on my other devices.

@CTY Someone from the team will reach out to you soon.

I’ve removed your zip and serial number from your post for safety’s sake.

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While waiting for that ‘someone’ I find that ROKO cannot discover / connect with Tablo.

I assume you mean Roku? Just clarifying in case there is a device we aren’t aware of.

Yes Roku, and now Roku and Tablo are connected again, however the channel ID problem and the available channel missing from the scan problem continue.
Channel 15 which appears on the guide as PBS is in fact Telemundo
PBS SoCal (KOCE) 17 does not appear at all.
Like all of the 61 Channels that appear KOCE(PBS) is transmitted from nearby Needham Hill. Oddly my main interest in Tablo was the ability to record PBS SoCal HD content which is not available on DTV the other PBS stations available to me on Tablo (KCET35, KCVR24) do not carry the complete PBS network programming.

I’ve sent you a DM with next steps. We just need to get you in contact with our team, and we’re happy to help.

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