Minor suggestion - Change up the "no cover art" icons

Love the wall of cover-art look for browsing content.  However there seem to be a good number of shows in my area that don’t have any cover-art, which makes the wall look very patchy and gives an impression of something that has gone wrong.

As an idea, it might help to ease the visual impact of this if you can switch up the colour of the missing cover art tiles.  Blue for one genre, green for another, orange for movies, etc.

While I haven’t had enough time to really form an opinion on the quality of the shows that are missing cover art, it appears that most of them are niche shows that I am unlikely to watch or click on anyway.  Perhaps an option to filter out shows with missing cover art would also be a way to address this.  At a minimum, this would make your demo videos and screenshots look more appealing.  Might even become an option that I use every day as the default setting, since the shows with missing cover art are probably just noise in finding content I want to watch.

As noted in the title, this is a very minor suggestion.  I only mention it because it’s also likely something that is simple to implement, and as such might be a quick win.

Also good feedback @pnear

Yes, some niche and foreign language shows don’t have cover art.