Minor nuisance bug: selection gets moved off screen & view "jumps" to catch up

I imagine that this is one of those things that might “just not show up” if using the same data set for testing. Since it has been around a while, and I could not find it mentioned elsewhere, I thought I might report what I know of it.

Nvidia Shield TV (but probably effects all “android tv”, that use a d-pad rather than touch)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. have an old recording that starts with “A” (so that it is the first alphabetically, but last in the ‘most recent’ view)
  2. switch from the default alphabetic view to most recent

The first item of the “most recent” view should be selected and visible.
View should follow incremental cursor movement.

Actual Result:
The previously selected ‘old-but-first-alphabetical’ video (which is, in fact, the oldest and last on the list) is still selected, and off screen along with the highlight-cursor.

Using the d-pad, the selection (which cannot be seen) is changed, but not visible (b/c the view is up on top w/ the most recent). Initially, this gives the impression that the app being frozen/unresponsive (b/c user input produces no visual changes)

Partial workaround:
If you press ‘up’ a few times (three with enough videos) the movement of the off-screen cursor will call for a screen transition, and the view will suddenly snap from the first (most recent video) to the last/oldest. It is visually jarring, but functionality is regained.

@Osndok - Thanks for the very thorough bug report! Passing this along to the team now.

Just to double check, this is on the original Tablo app for Android TV, and not Tablo Preview?

(Preview doesn’t have ‘most recent’ but just making sure!)

Yes, this is the non-preview app.

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