Minimum Download Speed

Can anyone tell me what the minimum acceptable Internet download speed for the TABLO Gen 4 in terms of MB/s that is required to view or record the non OTA stations, i.e. 'FAST" if that’s what they’re called or 8xx.x series of ‘stations’ like Scripps News or Bloomberg etc.?
I’m guessing 6 MBS And to the best of my knowledge there are no variable factors that would affect this IE picture quality etc.
Thanks in advance.
John A.

The “quality” or resolution it adjusted to fit the bandwidth, and then some…

Thank you very much for the response DJK and also enlightening me as to the existence of adaptive bit rate streaming (ABS). Having read up on it using the links you supplied and, although it is clearly above my pay grade, it appears to me that my TABLO box is simply not correctly adapting Itself to the supplied bit rate. Alternatively the content delivery networks (CDNs) and streaming platforms don’t support ABS but given that most TABLO users are able to access these channels, I have to believe that is not the case… I guess this might explain why, when first connecting to a stream, it runs for a couple of seconds and then stops, then starts again showing partial frames and numerous hesitations, then finally freezing. Then the TABLO resets itself. ABS may also possibly explain why recording these streaming channels is successful more often than not even though you can’t view them live, just a thought. If this analysis is correct, then I guess I have a defective unit and it’s time to send the TABLO box back for a refund or exchange.
Sincere thanks.

Yup, mine too. But I do believe I follow it as part of the protocol from the server side. I don’t have a 4th gen, but it sounds like it behaves much like any other internet streaming device, so that’s just how they work.

As for OTA programing, it’s different deal.

It seems the problem is widespread. See the topic
Tablo App keeps shutting down while watching (Tablo App keeps shutting down while watching - #52 by Johnxi)
There is no solution offered in the 50 entries in the forum, other than my solution which is to return or exchange the 4th Gen unit !!

Make sure to no miss your window. Most/many of those post seemed to have issues using a Roku device. So getting a new server with the same client device… well you can always hope for the best.

Getting a new server is not an option, Comcast is the only Internet service available here outside of satellite services which are not a good idea. But back to the original question, internet speed. Does it translate to Tablo freezing when it drops out? I’m running Tablo on firestick. After installing the update issued by the Tablo people I still have all kinds of issues but they do seem to revolve around the reception of a signal, OTA or the 5xx.x channels. When watching a recorded program from my library, if it stalls, Tablo simply freezes and after 30 seconds or so restarts itself. Whether re-starting versus skipping forward xx seconds is a good idea I don’t know but in my view it sure would be better if it could skip forward 30 seconds and try to continue. Bottom line I don’t believe there is a fix to this problem at the moment.