Migration process doesn't work

I am changing from 2 tuner to 4 tuner and both units have the same version numbers.

What part of the process described below didn’t work?

This is not the process to factory reset the OG Tablo 2 tuner and 4 tuner.

Do you have the new Tablo DUAL?

Factory reset process for the OG Tablo

Yes…I have both the 2 and 4 tuner units but the 4 tuner unit is just sitting there not being used.

I have both the 2 and 4 tuner units but the 4 tuner unit is not connected.


Just holding the blue button down for 7 seconds doesn’t factory reset a Tablo 2 tuner or a 4 tuner. There are multiple steps that include rebooting, then disconnecting HDD, then rebooting again.

So if you were told that was a step, you didn’t do this step correctly.


The highlighted part you wrote was the key. It worked this time.

One other thing that may have been wrong. When you press the blue button once on the first unit, it will flash fast and go solid. then after a few seconds start pulsing and then go solid again.

Your info about step 4 was much simpler than other had said.

Also, in the directions it needs to be said that the pulsing after step 5 may take quite awhile and the Tablo device will not be detectable during that time.

Sounds like you factory resetting the new Tablo 4 tuner wasn’t done properly.

I don’t know what link you were reading, but the link @theuser86 provided has the 7 steps to factory reset your Tablo.
Here are the steps listed in that article…

  1. Reboot your Tablo DVR by tapping and immediately releasing the blue reset button on the back of your device. Let the Tablo boot up for ~1 minute. The reboot is complete once the blue LED stops flashing.

  2. Remove the USB hard drive from the back of the Tablo DVR.

  3. Reboot the Tablo DVR again by tapping and immediately releasing the blue reset button. Again, wait ~1 minute for the Tablo to boot up. Wait for the blue LED to stop flashing.

  4. When the LED is solid, hold down the blue reset button for 7+ seconds. The blue LED on the front of the Tablo DVR will begin to flash faster and faster. Once it again turns solid, the Tablo will begin to factory reset. At this point, you can release the blue reset button.

  5. Head over to http://my.tablotv.com/ (or any of the Tablo mobile apps on smartphones and tablets). On the main 'Connect to Tablo’ page, a red X should be visible. Select the red X and confirm to delete the Tablo from that device. Then select ‘Rescan’ and ‘Connect’ to the Tablo below the ‘New Tablo’ header.

  6. You will be guided through the setup process. This includes entering your zip/postal code and running a channel scan.

  7. Reattach your hard drive. You may still see some old data but this will be cleaned from your Tablo DVR’s hard drive during overnight maintenance processes.

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Thank you - this. Follow those steps explicitly to factory reset your new Tablo unit.

If there are extra steps that are not detailed in the tablo migration page maybe someone needs to inform “Tablo Support - David” since this page was updated 11/24/2017

How could the new Tablo 4 tuner not be plugged in for step 3? Steps 1 to 4 are supposed to be performed on the new Tablo to factory reset it. I assume the new Tablo is the 4 tuner. Are you doing Steps 1 and 2 on the old Tablo (aka the 2 tuner)?

If that’s the case, you’re mixing and matching steps on the 2 units.

After Step 4 the Tablo is reset to factory settings. You don’t need to go through Steps 5 to 7 until you connect the USB HDD from the old Tablo to the new Tablo.

Then after your new Tablo 4 tuner is factory reset, you do the steps below.

Step 1: Reboot your original Tablo with the USB drive attached using the blue reset button on the back of the Tablo. Wait for the Tablo’s blue LED to go solid. This can take up to ~2 minutes.

Step 2: Remove the USB drive from your original Tablo and set it aside.

Step 3: Attach Ethernet and power (in that order) to your new Tablo. (You should only be doing Step 3 here after the new Tablo 4 tuner is factory reset)

Step 4: After your Tablo’s LED is solid, attach your USB drive to your new Tablo.

Step 5: After a few seconds your Tablo’s LED will begin pulsing.

Any luck on following the migration instructions?