Migrating to larger disk

I finally got around to connecting the 5 TB disk. I used Google and found this post. @TabloTV any chance to pin it? How to migrate to a bigger drive?

The only thing is patience as it takes a very long time from a 1 TB drive.

EDIT: Over 24 hours and still copying. The 1 TB disk was almost full and it is regular usb, not usb 3. :frowning:

In the end when I moved to a 3TB drive I used gparted in a virtual machine in VMWARE (I use a mac) and put both drives on USB3 ports…


  1. Use a computer with USB 3

  2. Don’t simply select top and bottom as I dif. It will run for over 24 hours if using USB 2

  3. More memory the better. This morning Windows said it needed more memory and would close programs. My copy only completed 95% but at least I have most. Not going to spend that much time to get all of them.

I switched from a 2TB to a 5TB Western Digital Elements last week, and decided to just delete all the old recordings and start from scratch.
For me, there really was nothing I couldn’t live without, or record again (or stream for that matter).
The 5TB WD Elements is working great BTW and is only $129.99 at B&H (free shipping / no tax outside of NY).

Netflix no longer has Adam 12.

I got the Seagate…same model as they tested and works great.

Sure - I’ll do that for you.

Has there been an Updated procedure to migrate from 1TB to 4TB HDD under Windows 10?

I’m ready to go DO IT… BUT, I’m confused with what really works and what doesn’t…

Anyone know what latest skinny is?

Thank you very much,