Mi box at Walmart

My local stores are out of stock. Anyone else having a problem finding this?

is the Mi box good? i saw it at my local wall mart yesterday right next to the rokus

My Nexus Player is very good with the Tablo, but Mi box is a little better! Go for it. :slight_smile:

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We really like it so far!

The details on it can be found in our updated set-top-box blog: https://www.tablotv.com/blog/streaming-set-top-box-recommendations-tablo-2016/

My Walmart had about 15 of them in stock when I went last night. The electronics guy said they have been selling like crazy. Well deserved - it’s a really good value. I have bought 1 as a present and will likely buy a couple more this year.

I went to Walmart to pick one up and was told they didn’t have any. I then went home and checked online and it was available for pickup that day so I bought it online and picked it up an hour or so later. Gotta love Walmart! I actually put it on a Roku tv that was struggling with Tablo and it is fantastic.


Thanks. Where are you located?

Thanks for the input. Where are you located?

I am in Mesa, AZ.

I’m in Madison, MS

Does anyone know if you can sideload apps to this box?

How to Sideload an app:

  • Install ES File Explorer using the Play Store
  • Download apps to a USB drive
  • Use ES File Explorer to install from the USB drive

How to install Amazon Video:

  • Download from APKMirror
  • Sideload the app (see above)

Want a better Launcher experience?

  • Install HALauncher using the Play Store
  • Configure your own launcher groups
  • Set it to appear in the “recommendation” section
  • Bonus - you can also use this launcher to sideload apps!

Want to lose the advertised apps?

  • Settings, apps, system apps, XiaomiLeanbackCustomizer
  • Force close it
  • Disable notifications