METV schedule Central Time Zone

For those in the Central Time Zone, the schedule for METV is located at

If you go to and select your location, you can get it in other timezones.

Someone besides TitanTV now has 7.4…Zap2it, but still not in zTablo

The schedule for METV showed up today! They started broadcasting on Good Friday and I opened a ticket on the following Monday.

@TabloTV While it is nice we finally got the schedule, it isn’t usable because it is an hour off. For example it has Wonder Woman at 8:00 pm Saturday when it is really 7:00 PM. Look at the printed schedule link above.

Edit: when scheduling manual recordings, I have to enter start time an hour later that I want since guide data arrived. Wonder Woman I had to say 8 to get 7. On the recording screen it says 7 and now says 7.4 instead of 14.1. One problem solved but a new one.

This is only on 7.4 which has Eastern Time instead of Central. Other channels record correctly using EPG. I have not tried manual recording on another channel.

It’s an hour late on a TV listing App I have. Still no TV Guide update on their App. shows correctly

Holly is going to follow up with TV Guide. She works at KTBC.