MeTV Aspect Ratio Playback Incorrect on Fire TV & Android Apps

On both Fire TV (Box and Stick) and Android apps, the aspect ratio of MeTV (in my case 50.2 480i Raleigh NC) plays back in stretched wide-screen (regardless of display settings) instead of 4:3 pillar-box. The exact same recordings, on the same displays, play back correctly in 4:3 aspect ratio on both the Roku and Chrome Web apps - so there is something specific to the Android branch of apps that causes this.

Other 480i stations playback just fine on my Fire TV and Android devices - namely 5.2 WRAL-2 (THIS TV) - with the correct 4:3 pillar-box aspect ratio on all devices (Fire TV, Android, Chrome, and Roku).

@TabloSupport @TabloTV - I believe this is a bug of some sort in the Android branch of your apps. The issue with MeTV is easily replicated (on any show, recorded or live) and works perfectly on the Roku and Chrome side of things.
Any advice you can offer?

This happens to me on all SD channels. Plays fine on my computers but I get a stretched picture on my Android phone and tablet. Recordings and live TV.

@FragenHaben @TabloTV @TabloSupport - I’d understand it better if it actually was consistent with all SD (480i) channels, but at least in my case, it is only on one SD channel.

But thanks for letting me and Tablo know that I’m not alone in experiencing this behavior!

We’re able to reproduce this here and the Android team will be looking into a fix.

@TabloTV - And this is why we love you!

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We’ll let you know when we’ve got it sorted out :slight_smile:

It does the same thing on iPhone 5 but works on the iPad 2

I like to watch older TV shows, so aspect ratio is a big deal to me. Some TV stations even broadcast stretched 4x3 content. Grrr, argh.

There are two ways to REALLY fix this problem on the Tablo:

1.) Add an Aspect setting (for instance, while watching a channel, press menu, then toggle through the available aspect ratios – original, stretched, pillar boxed, etc.)
2.) Enable native pass through so we can control the aspect ratio for SD input on our TVs – I would prefer this option because my TVs do a much better job of upscaling SD content than Tablo does


How do you do option one? I am running tablo on my firetv and I can not figure out how to create an aspect setting. I press the menu button and the settings button appears in the bottom right of the screen but nothing happens when I click on it. This happens on all my fire tvs and android devices in my house.

I am trying to find a fix because this issue is driving me nuts. I like watching thing in the proper aspect ratio. Not drives me much crazy that when I am force to watch a 4:3 image stretched out to 16:9 in my case a 16:9 image scrunched down to 4:3.

My local broadcast station sends out the local cbs channel in both HD and SD for some reason when the weather is bad like this weekend tons of snow or when we get tons of rain the HD version losses reception. However the SD version always comes in strong no matter what. I what to be able to manually change aspect ratio in the tablo app so I cant stretch the video signal back out to 16:9, its proper aspect ratio.

Can anyone help me, this is super annoying to me and driving me crazy trying to fix it and I don’t want to except that it can’t be fixed.