Merry Christmas from Comcast

I installed an antenna for my wife’s friend several weeks ago. The next morning she called Comcast to cancel their service now that OTA was working for her. Comcast immediately made an offer to slash her cost from $75 to $50 (at least for two years). That price was less than the cost of Internet alone so she took their offer though she had no intentions of using their TV service - just Comcast’s internet. She never took any of their equipment for Comcast’s encrypted TV feed since the OTA was giving her all the channels she wanted. That’s the way to hit Comcast - cancel their service and force them to counteroffer.

In any case, she told me that the antenna gives her a better picture than Comcast and prefers to have her TVs attached to the antenna.

In our area, Comcast has been rated as the most despised corporation with the worst service!

Today as I entered Costco, a Direct TV rep asked me how I was getting my TV. I told him that I was getting it over the air, having cancelled Direct TV several months ago after 19 years as a customer. It didn’t make sense to get satellite TV for over $100/month when I was mostly watching the major networks, and the video quality over the air was far superior to what Direc TV was delivering.

BTW, when I called up to cancel, I was offered a $25/month price reduction for a year. Since canceling, I’ve gotten offers to sign up for as little as $14.95/month (with all the caveats, of course). Plus I’d have to pay a mirroring fee for each additional TV, etc.

BTW Time Warner is trying to combat cord cutting by offering a cheaper television package using Internet streaming (through a free Roku). What people are coming to realize is that this TW package has NO RECORDING CAPABILITY!!!

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With no recording capabilities the price and lineup needs to match or be better than SlingTV, which for Tmobile customers is $14 per month for a year.Compatition is awesome