Menu TV guide constantly refreshes while scrolling through the guide


I’ve been having this issue while using the menu TV guide on my Tablo dual HDMI.

Using the menu guide, it will always show the data for approximately 2-3 seconds, re-loads the guide, and then shows the guide again for 2-3 seconds. It’ll continue this cycle until either I stop scrolling through channels or after I already pick the channel.

However, using the guide while already watching a live channel (by hitting the up arrow on the remote) will not have this issue.

It’s very strange and also frustrating for me. It wasn’t an issue when I first bought it in December 2021, but now it does it every time I use Tablo. I’ve tried clearing my user interface data, and resetting the device multiple times. It hasn’t fixed it :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: I need help please.

@Tubers Can you send a video of this to the support team so we can get a better sense of what you’re seeing?