Maximizing the Tablo experience on a 4K TV

I am looking at going all in with a new TV set up. I am wondering how to make the Tablo picture quality the best it can be on a new 4K TV. I love my Tablo setup, just want to make sure I get the best possible set up for quality of picture on my new TV. planning on buying a 65in 4K TV.

Questions I have:

  1. How important is it to upgrade to a 4K streaming device such as Roku Ultra or Premiere Plus? Will it matter at all with the Tablo picture quality? (Currently use Roku Streaming Stick)

  2. How important is it to record Tablo in 1080p-10Mbps?

Looking to see if anybody has any experience with this?

I have an older 65" Plasma that is just HD, and it is using the original Roku 3. I also have a 50" 4K Tv that I use with a new Roku Premiere +. My Roku 3 is using ethernet, while my new Roku is using wireless AC.

I really can’t tell a difference between the two Rokus. The Tablo looks great on both, and the responsiveness seems the same. I do record at the max 1080p - 10 Mpbs picture quality, and I recommend doing it if you have a strong enough home network.

I do have one bug with my Roku Premeire Plus. Netflix will say it had 4K shows, but it plays them only in HD. Youtube and Amazon will play back in 4K. It isn’t that a big a deal for me since I rarely watch 4K shows, and I can use the Netflix app on my TV itself to play 4K content. Reading the forums, some people have the same issue and some don’t.

Cool, thanks. That helps. I’m thinking about getting the premiere plus so I could connect it with an Ethernet cord anyway. So if the upscale doesn’t pan out I guess it would still be ok. I’m pretty sure my network can handle the load of the full 1080p, I guess I’ll soon find out.


@pd20 I use the 10 MB 1080p with AppleTV on an 65" OLED 4k and it looks fantastic. I can see a huge difference with this combo. Be warned that using that higher setting uses an extra tuner. I found out the hard way during the World Series didn’t extend my recordings because. I would only use that setting with a 4 Tuner model.

I use the 10mb setting on my dual tuner and record 2 shows at once no problem.

Yeah after I read that I tried it out and I was able to record 2 at the same time at the 10mb 60fps setting as well.

With Max Recording Quality set to HD1080 - 10Mbps, 720@60fps…
It’ll use 2 tuners for 1 channel, if the channel is broadcast at 720p, and an extra tuner is available.
This is true for both Live TV, and recording.

Not mine.

There’s nothing in Nuvyyo’s documentation about any behavior where 2 tuners are required for 1080p… I think you may be incorrect.

Here is the link to what Tablo Support told him: 2 tuner Tablo: Acess with 2nd device forces 1st device to change channel

What he is saying is that if you are recording a 720p show at the highest quality, it will use two tuners to transcode at 60 FPS. If only one tuner is available, it will only transcode at 30FPS. Since sports are the only events where 60FPS vs 30FPS is noticable, most of the time you would never know.

I’m starting to get confused here…

I have a 2 turner. So if I set it to the highest setting, is there the potential that a show/game will not get recorded due to what we are talking about? Or will it just adjust to the lower frame rate and I will still record both events?

I would be really frustrated if I found out after the fact that a game didn’t record due to this.

I have a two tuner, and I have successfully recorded at the highest settings two shows at once that both were 720p channels. What I haven’t tested is what happens if I try to record two 720P football games at once. If what Tablo support says is true, then both will be recorded at 30FPS instead of 60 FPS.

Thanks @snowcat for explaining that.

I found out the hard way. I had been waiting since 1997 for the Indians to make it to the World Series and needless to say not knowing about this issue stopped my 4 tuner unit from extending the live recording as the other tuners were busy recording scheduled late night shows. I had no idea this was the case. The OTA 60 FPS of the World Series was stunning on playback. Too bad I didn’t know about tat issue until after. They caught it after a few games but missed that part in a long support response.

Perhaps Nuvyyo needs to clarify this limitation better… I didn’t know about it. Makes things more like “max 2 tuners” instead of “2 tuners”.