Manual Scheduling Bug

Using the Android app on my Toshiba tablet, when trying to manually schedule a program, there is no “Cancel” or “Done” buttons in the scheduling window, making it impossible to schedule anything manually.

@diligent - Is this the native or downloadable web app?

 Downloaded app

Version…is that the latest?

@diligent - That’s the native app and yes it’s the latest. Checking this out now with the team. Stay tuned!

@diligent - Can you provide the model number of your tablet and the OS version it’s running? 

In the meantime, you can test out our new downloadable web app:

Toshiba AT7-C


I’ll check out the web app and report back.

That app on Google Play is what I am using… Version

@diligent - If you look at this URL:

You’ll see there are two versions. The Tablo web version is on 1.0. 

If your version is you’re using the native app. 

Ok. When I go to the Play store, only Tablo native app comes up. But when I manually typed in the address you provided using the browser, I can now see both Tablo and Tablo Web.

The reason has been revealed… It says "This app is incompatible with your device."

I cannot use Tablo Web app on Android installed on a Toshiba AT7-C.

I have also checked and installed updates for everything on the device too, including Android OS.

I cannot use Tablo Web app on Android installed on a Toshiba AT7-C.

Weird. We kept that pretty wide open. We’ll check out both things. Stay tuned. 



OK, so it seems like unfortunately your device is at the heart of these issues.

For the buttons, they do exist but because your screen is at the lower end of size and resolution, they may be appearing beyond where you can see them. We’ll do some looking and see if we can get this to resolve but it will be difficult without having a similar style tablet in house to test on.

As for the web app, your tablet also doesn’t include GPS location services. Our app uses this technology during the channel scan process. We can potentially amend the app to use the fallback of WiFI location services which should be enabled on your tablet. This will take a bit of development time though.

I wish I had some better news but we’ll keep you posted on progress. 

Ok. Sounds good. Thanks for looking into it!

No problem… In the meantime, maybe you can ask Santa for a new tablet? :D 

LOL! I have 3 daughters, and they’re all asking for similar stuff already. Santa’s got a BIG order already :slight_smile:

The Toshiba is actually new  though, and was just released earlier this year… I bought it specifically to use as a Tablo controller and Roku remote. It works great as intended…just have to use my laptop for manual recordings. No big deal, especially since I got it for 99 bucks. 
LOL! I have 3 daughters...

Yowza! I can imagine it’s a tall order to keep them happy ;)