Manual Recordings disappeared

I recently moved, so I re-scanned to see if I was getting all my channels. It didn’t find a particular channel I had had in the past. I don’t know why. However, some manual recordings I had set up for that channel disappeared, I assume because of this.
It’s worth noting that I didn’t notice that the channel had not been found, so I “finalized my channel list” without it. That might be sufficient to cause this.
I’d prefer that if the channel is no longer on the list that it simply suppresses trying to record those, and turn them back on when/if it comes back. Or at least a notification when I finalize the list that those recordings are going away so I can fix it first.

Are you saying that it deleted recordings that had already completed on that channel when that channel was removed from your channel list?

Or are you saying future, scheduled manual recordings for that channel were deleted?

I’m assuming it’s the second scenario, in which case I think it’s working as intended, but I can see the value of a message when you finalize your channel list and it no longer contains a channel for which you have future, scheduled recordings.

He said upcoming, if when come back. I don’t know why Tablo doesn’t have keep previously scanned channels option, some people don’t combine antennas for different directions just adjust antenna. Not ideal for a DVR but some do.

Here’s Tablo’s take on - How to Access OTA Signals from Multiple Directions

“Not ideal” because they don’t really support nor recommend it. I do believe reading specific or certain devices/apps retain channel list, I can’t confirm as I’ve not seen or used it.

Tivo does.

Tablo isn’t TiVO.

As noted “Tablo isn’t TiVO” To elaborate, Not that I’ve used Tivo it’s a closed proprietary system. You have to use their devices to all around.

Tablo [networked] devices are headless and you can use a variety of devices/apps to control/use it. While it opens it to vast variety, it may also cause some minor limitations.