Manual Recording

Hey guys, I am overlooking the obvious here but can someone walk me thru how to manually record a tv show that is currently on?  For example, I was trying to record the end of the golf tournament yesterday and I couldn't figure out how to do it on my ROKU.  I had to open the tablo app on my ipad to and hit record from the guide.

What am I missing?

You can’t do manual recordings on the Roku. It can only be set up on the tablet and web apps. Go to the Scheduled tab, and there is a plus sign in the top right corner. That opens the manual recording menu.

If you are just talking about setting up a recording for what is left of a live show, then what you did will work on the web and tablet apps. For the Roku, you would have to exit live Tv, go to the tv shows tab, find your show title, select it, select Episodes, and find your current one. Then you click Record to record the rest of it.