Manual recording needs MAJOR FIX

Scheduling anything but repeating doesn’t work
Canceling manual recording needs to work better. No way of knowing when deleted

You can thank @TBLOTV for not picking the far superior Titantv for me using manual.

Not sure what you mean by it doesn’t work. I just scheduled a One Time Only 30 minute block for a specific channel and it shows up as a thumbnail (a blue background) in the scheduled section and has a purple triangle in the corner (non-manual recordings have an orange triangle). If I select it and tell it to delete, the thumbnail goes away. Seems to work fine with the exception that the purple triangle shows a clock instead of a number, which indicates to me that it’s a repeating show instead of a once only.

If I schedule a one time it never rotates like it does with repeating. It might be broken in the Android beta. I’ll try not beta web and see what happens

Should work. I have CBS news manually recording M-F. Never fails. Manually because I would lose the first minute or so using the guide.

Recording a single episode doesn’t schedule, at least on Android beta. Tablo has confirmed it. Repeating works. Usually I don’t test manual recordings but needed it because of no EPG.

For @beastman and anyone else wondering:

We confirmed this issue was happening on a beta version of the Tablo app Beastman was using. We’ve managed to reproduce this behaviour and have fixed it for the next app update.


I’ve also noticed weird behavior w/ manual recording from Chrome / iOS.

If I schedule a repeating recording shortly before the show starts (less than an hour let’s say), it will automatically schedule to record for the week after, not for the episode coming in a few minutes.

I have to set a manual “one time” recording of the episode on top of the repeating one to record the episode coming in less than an hour.

I assume you noticed the options on the top line of the manual recording screen? One for multiple and the other for single episode. Just tested for single episode and no problem here using NP.

Like @TabloSupport said, the problem is on a beta version, and they were able to reproduce it! That means the problem won’t be going to everyone. We have KNVA and the Tablo EPG provider to thank for me even testing Manual Recording.

Since I know the problem is there, I’ll test it when the next beta comes, even if I all ready have EPG data for 54-2. All that means to everyone is the current beta most likely won’t be released this week, but then you won’t get the problem😂

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