Manual Choice for best channel to record when duplicate networks are received from multiple markets?

I am very fortunate to live in an area with multiple options for many networks. I believe this is confusing the recording timers a bit.

For instance, “Me-TV” can be received on channel 47-2, 12-2, and 64-2 here. I didn’t notice until tonight that an “automatic” (my words) conflict showed up, for “record all”…as the box sees the same title and info from three sources.  Am I correct in assuming that’s why when I erased two of them the conflict was gone?  

I’d like to be able to select the BEST most CONSISTENT signal for my recordings, and in my case it’s probably 47-2 from Lansing, at 30 miles away, vs. Flint at much Farther or Muskegon even more in another direction.  I’m not seeing how selection of just ONE channel for the automatic recording of “all” or “new” takes place.

I have probably missed something, because even at a month of use, I’m learning more every day about the web interface, my own habits and use of this wonderful device, and it’s integration with Roku which is my primary use.

Can anyone advise how to deal with multiple network affiliates and automatic recording or at least REVEALING/SELECTING WHICH channel I choose to use for regular “season” or “all” or “new”  I want?

By the way, I’m referring to the web interface for recordings. I see I can go back via ROKU and pull up each and every ALREADY SCHEDULED recording and if there’s more than one, shut DOWN the extras…ahead of time…but on the web home TabloTV page can this be done by SELECTION when looking ahead at an ongoing series and not ending up with two of everything, and the tuners tied up more than they should be? In other words, by selecting the channel you want and getting only ONE copy of it?

If you have multiple channels of the same network then disable those channels you don’t want under Settings. The channels will not show up under the guide or be able to record from them.

From the Tablo site:

“Once you are satisfied that you are receiving the most available channels, you can enable or disable individual channels by selecting them individually. The App will identify major channels by placing a checkmark next to the channel. Only channels with a check mark will be enabled to watch live and to record programs. At this time, if there are channels in which you’re not interested that have a checkmark, you may remove them by selecting the checkmark.”

It would be better if the recording APP would simply allow us to select what channels we WANT to use when setting the recording!  Why disable any available channels? What is suggested would be kind of like buying an expensive computer then only allowing it to connect to sites within “X” distance of the machine.  It shouldn’t be that tough in this day and age to ask when recording a "regular’ program to select which channel one wishes to use. 

If there are duplicate channels - what does it matter? Both channels will always show the same shows. I have requested this feature to choose the channel when recording all or recording new - it’s on their to-do list.

It matters because there IS local programming I like from each market when we’re not in “network” times, thus if (duplicate when carrying network) channels are removed or disabled  for “non use” in favor of only the strongest signals, the box becomes only a “prime time only” type appliance, and limiting its versatility. 

The record all function does not record duplicates if the guide data has the same episode information so it should not record from 3 channels. Unless the guide data is not very specific because these are “local” channels.

It’s done it here. Same time recorded from different channels! “Should” being the operative word in your post, and thank you for chiming in! ALL this would be fixed with the selecting of channel on which you WANT tor record “all” or “new”

In the instance you are referring to, is all the guide data specifies is name of the show? Or is there specific episode information like episode number and title specified?

If there is no episode information, the Tablo cannot detect the shows in the same time slot on 3 channels are in fact duplicates.

Just trying to get to the bottom of why this is happening for you, cause it shouldn’t.

Either way, yes you feature has been requested and received. I specially asked for it and it was acknowledged so you just have to wait now.

Two theories I would present…

I’ve been going through my set recordings. Most of the regular one were set before the firmware update. I’ve reset the recordings and I see less of this issue, in fact in most cases it corrects it.
However, on my CBS feeds, where channel 6 really is more reliable than channel 3, It appears that TabloTV cannnot decide which to record from, as the “overall” signals are the same quality (to the tabloTV unit.) I cannot use either a “record all” or a “record new” without it (looking like) it will use two tuners and record from channel 6 and channel 3 simultaneously and produce conflicts on its own.  Am I reading this situation correctly? It also appears in this case the CHANNEL (3) makes it worse by putting this news program on both the main and subcarrier channel. Does any of this help?  

Note: Before hitting “post” I added a URL for a screenshot, no confirmation came of it, so I don’t know if you’ll see one picture, two pictures, or NO pictures.

Seems I can’t add a picture URL, though it is a verified address and uploaded to our company’s site, visible in Chrome. Sorry! would be nice if pics didn’t have to be posted somewhere else!

Finally. Guess this software wants the full “http??www” stuff ahead of the link, where our browsers don’t.

So, as above, doesn’t matter, either “record all” or “record new” and they ALL end up being done, I end up with 
more than one instance of it, and it ties up both tuners. Odd!  

Yes, manually recording would work, but that defeats the purpose of the box.

Just to make sure, but @RadioMan, do you have the “Don’t record duplicates” check box checked under Settings -> Smart Scheduling?  If not, that will solve your problems.

It is, indeed checked!

Just making sure.

I definitely would submit a ticket to Tablo Support, and they will investigate your issue.  My initial theory is that since “Face the Nation” does not have episode names, the Tablo is treating each instance as a unique episode.

Thank you for verifying the validity of this! It’s on that title for sure, and the same with CBS news Sunday Morning, yet, it doesn’t seem to conflict with itself on “60 minutes!” Very odd! Don’t want to “bother” the tablo folks, unless it helps others and to smooth out the whole system. 

It definitely is a bug, but because the guide data doesn’t have unique episode information so it treats each show as individual different episodes. As in the Tablo can’t discrimate that they are in fact duplicates. If that makes sense.

No problem.  I posted yesterday in the roadmap thread that the show info is pretty inconsistent among different programs.  Some show the channel info plus date and time.  Some show the episode name and number and date and time.  Sports (at least the NFL) just show just the matchup and the date.

The “don’t record duplicates” likely works pretty well for the last two, but fails when the channel name and number is there.  I want to see all that info (it’s weird not knowing which channel a show is on), so I do think the Tablo will have to eventually be programmed so that a user can pick a particular channel for a show.

@RadioMan I’m a little behind the mark on this one, sorry! It looks like you, @theuser86 and @snowcat seemed to have figured this out.

When you can, send me a note and we’ll arrange for a remote session to grab the logs from your Tablo. We’ll get this fixed up.