Man, I hate time changes

I’m in Arizona and we don’t change from Standard time. However, I noticed today that while the live guide on my FireTV has the correct listings (time-wise), if I access the Tablo via Chrome or the Windows 10 app, it is off by an hour. That is to say, it is now 9:05AM here. The guide on the FireTV shows 9:05AM. The guide on Chrome/Windows 10 shows 10:05AM. I updated the guide, no change. Any way to fix this?

When only one of your devices is showing a funky time, it’s usually that the time on that specific device is off.

I’d check on the time zone of your PC.

what TZ is your computer set to?

Specifically - Windows… why does MS Windows (suddenly) want to change from standard time - if it hasn’t done this in the past? Or is Windows showing the right time on it’s own?

Your computer doesn’t adjust it’s hardware RTC, I’m not sure it’s the computer’s fault.

Yep, that was it, thanks. We moved from the Pacific time zone during daylight savings which meant that Arizona (which doesn’t do that daylight stuff) matched my previous time zone. So I didn’t catch it until this weekend’s time change. I stand by my original statement, I hate time changes! :wink:

I thought Windows has had a Arizona time zone for years.

They do. @Vegas_Steve explained that he recently moved to Arizona and didn’t change his computer settings because the clock was correct. His original settings were Pacific Time with daylight saving time.

I only mentioned it because if you know anyone who first moves to various mountain states they often seek any timezone that has MST and not MDT. And Arizona is nice enough to have it’s own timezone.

I thought you just specified a time zone not necessarily standard or daylight savings.
ie) Time zone: US/Eastern … or US/Mountain
but I don’t know anyone who first moved to various mountain states.

You set up both. There is a setting for time zone as well as “adjust for daylight saving time automatically”.

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My system figures it out. Many use the friendly city names, so they don’t have to know stuff. America\Detroit or maybe America\Phoenix’ -