Make sure background sync is complete

I see a lot of “missing recordings” topics here. I am sure a lot of them are valid issues, and I have had it happen to me once as well. But because the Tablo has syncing in the background now instead of making the user wait, anything recorded since the last time you used that device will not show up immediately under recordings.

I just hope people are aware of this. The only platform that this should not affect is the Roku, since there is no sync.


Let me add to yours, if they think its missing and decide to pull the plug or reboot during the sync in the background may cause issues on the Tablo side. Pretty sure that is what happened to me for other reasons the other day :wink:

Yeah… I’m sure there a lots of varirables out there… but when sync’d doing an individual record of a football game where nothing was TBD… all info present, the recording setting when I checked scheduled days later was cleared… I set it again… and a day later… cleared… so I set it record all NFL and then remove the ones I don’t want… I figure even if some trash comes back… at least the game I wanted should record.