Make EPG data refresh time an option in settings?

So after buying my first Table and buying the subscription, I noticed the EPG data is often blue with lines. I would have to manually go in to settings and refresh to view the tv guide. After doing this a few times and having to wait ~30 minutes each time, I finally found on the forums that the data refreshes around 2 am.

This leads to the problem, I turn off my wifi router from 12 - 7 every night.

One possible solution is to be able to configure the refresh time in the settings, maybe default to 2 am with an option to select any other?

Thanks for a great product, looked a long time for something like the Tablo!

The real question is why do you turn off your router? Lol

Kidz, bruh, kidz.

I would think some device software would get out of date. My Roku’s, Fire TV, and Smart TV’s all seem to check for updates between 12AM and 7AM.

My Ultra’s last OS update was at 6:52AM.

I don’t know how it’s handled per device, but if my roku doesn’t get updated for a day or 2 it’s no big deal, I won’t even notice. And even when it does, the download/update process is always seamless. Not me turning it on, then having to manually fetch the data, then the seemingly longer than it should be download time.

Lots of reasons… lol

It’s been requested before, and it may happen sometime in the future. But for now, make sure your router and Tablo are powered on in the 2-3 AM timeslot.

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  • Reset the modem and router, I’m further out from the city, and I have noticed improved speed and less issues in general with my modem when I reset, so it’s on a timer.

  • I don’t leave my lights on when I sleep, or most other devices, so why leave the WiFi on?

  • EMR - as a software engineer, I spend all day bathing in the wifi, why not take a break especially when your not using it.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s off the top of my head…

Just leave it on.

Thanks Kenny, really helpful.

Sure! You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Finally someone with something that sounds like a somewhat legitimate answer! (parental controls aside)

People make comments like your second response… I ask for their logic for not unplugging their tv - it’s in stand-by mode, ready to instantly startup. Do they power off their printer constantly? Do you need that clock on your microwave? So may electronic device are constantly using electric even when “off”. Just to turn something off, to “save power”, for many is more pointless than they realize.

Of course I understand, not that it makes sense, OCD - turning it off/unplugging something because you just feel that much better knowing it is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You know it’s not the first time users have asked for variable or adjustable update times… :frowning_face: