Made some network changes, moved Tablo to new location

It does keep getting better.

I decided the basic “can I even make this thing work” and “will it work with our TV, our computers and our network” questions had been answered for the most part. Time for phase 2.
So I moved the Tablo and the temp drive to a new location, to a shelf on the lower part of one of the end tables at the end of the couch. Good location as it’s right next to power, there’s another antenna cable connection right behind the couch and there’s air flow as it’s close to the air return for the furnace. Oh, and there’s a network jack in the wall behind the couch, too - so I could tie it in via Cat 5E Ethernet. 
While watching a live TV show and using the pause and other features I did “feel” the device to see how things were going and it wasn’t alarmingly warm, in fact I could easily hold it and it wouldn’t have been uncomfortable even on my lap if I decided a cat wasn’t enough warmth.
I was still a bit confused as my browser kept saying “connecting” (NOT Syncing, CONNECTING" and once in a while it would say connecting in 5, 4, 3 and so on. Then it would say “connecting…” and then go back to "connecting in 4, 3 and so on. It never did connect-  until I reset the device. the LED was blue and solid the entire time. 
But I made some other network changes so I’m not ready for an official support ticket quite yet, I want to go another day or 2 first.
I got a netgear 4g router and set that all up last night. It was free so what the heck, right?
WOW WOW WOW. I thought the Tablo access as fast over Wi-Fi with my hotspot and other stuff but with that Netgear router Tablo access is lightening fast! My computer’s Wi-Fi connection ranged from 150 to 300. Holy cow. I got the Tablo changed over so it no longer connects to the hotspot but now uses the Netgear router as well and that went well. 
But wait, there’s more!
That router has 4 Fast Ethernet ports. Remember that jack behind the couch? I connected this new router to that, cross-connected that jack to my Cisco switch in the equipment room, and cabled the Tablo directly to one of the other ports on the router - the router sits on the OTHER end table at the other end of the couch! 
So, Tablo on table at east end of couch, router on table as west end of couch.
Router Ethernet cabled to jack in wall behind couch. Jack goes down to the switch downstairs.
Another longer cable runs from the Tablo Ethernet port to a port on the back of the router so the Tablo is now cabled DIRECTLY to the router itself.
The router has dual antennas so gets a better, finally almost decent 4g signal most of the time now and with the Tablo directly connected to the router and my notebook Wi-Fi connection running at 150 to 300 speeds I could not believe how FAST I could access the Tablo.
I watched a TV show live using the Tablo just for kicks - the picture quality was nothing short of fantastic. In fact it almost seemed as if it was more clear than if I was watching it through the TV directly and not casting from Tablo. If the picture and sound is always this good it may indicate that the Tablo internal tuners rival that of an LG TV. 

I’m going to “wait and see” if the Tablo keeps disconnecting from my notebook and my notebook keeps telling me “connecting” and if I have to keep pushing the reset button on the Tablo to gain access again as I’m not really sure WHY it was doing that - the blue LED never wavered so it’s not like it had no network connection but who knows. 
This new arrangement was impressive so far.
Now the only kink is getting it to function with something other than my large notebook computer - large because it’s a multi-media notebook with a WIDE screen.  

@ShadowsPapa - Nice work! 

On your notebook, out of curiosity which browser are you using?  Chrome?  IF so, Did you try completely clearing the cache and stored files within Chrome?  I know for me sometimes on chrome the synced files get out of sync and this causes the local cache of the db to get a little wonked out.  This in turn results in the exact same scenario you are describing above, at least for me it does.  To fix it I simply delete the tablo from the connection screen of and then rescan.  This forces the web browser to rescan, find, and reconnect to the tablo.  It will also worse a completely new sync which in turn brings down a fresh copy of the db.

Not ideal, but works for me pretty consistently.

Let us know!

Yes, the latest Chrome. It’s not my favorite browser but works best with the Chromecast due to the plugin and geesh, darned Google giving preference to their own products, what’s up with that? HA

If it does that again I’ll try clearing the cache. I thought I had by Ctrl-F5 but maybe I’m thinking of another time or something else. Will give that a shot though. 

Thanks much for the tip and thoughts on that-  especially since you’ve seen the same or similar happen. It makes it worth that much more

I wish it could use the database directly from the Tablo and not have to keep a local copy… since the Tablo is at least as fast and good as a NAS, it doesn’t make sense to me to have to keep the date locally on the computer. I don’t keep anything else local, no other data, no other databases so not sure why Tablo chose that method but they did. Oh, well. at least there’s something to try and maybe with the different network configuration it won’t do that now - will see!
Thanks again.

Cool.  no problem and good luck.

With the high winds (50+ mph) last night and cold weather we lost Internet quite a bit early in the evening. The router had trouble keeping a 4g connection.

That meant NO access to the Tablo device for quite a bit of the evening until about 8pm when it settled down and the Internet stayed up.
This is going to be a disaster in cases of losing Internet for extended periods like happens, and near disaster when it’s constantly up and down which happens a LOT even in better weather.
I had trouble even after the Internet settled down in that I had to press the reset button to get my computer to find the Tablo again. 
I could ping the Tablo the whole time so I’m not sure what’s up - it always had network, I could always ping it, but wasn’t always able to talk to it with the Interface.

Later in the evening after the Internet stabilized and I could communicate with the Tablo device again after pushing the reset button, I played a show. After a few minutes is stopped and my computer displayed “buffering” - this went on for several minutes, 
I find some of that odd since:
Tablo is wired directly to the router via a certified Ethernet cable about 10’ long, well under the max length allowed for 100 speeds over Ethernet
My notebook was 10’ away from the router, line of sight, nothing between it and me. The notebook indicated “excellent” in signal strength and also displayed all bars highlighted. 
My notebook Wi-Fi connection speed was ranging from 150 to 300 (it’s a 300n router) so no speed issues!
I could PING the Tablo the whole time.  The blue LED was solid the whole time. Tablo had a solid cabled connection to the router, ping was fine from notebook to Tablo but it still buggered and paused.
I messed around wondering if there was a Chromecast problem - I paused play, disconnected from Chromecast, reconnected and it went fast and fine so the Chromecast was up and running and talking to me. 
When I got the chromecast reconnected the show started playing again all by itself - from the 3 or 4 minute mark, NOT from about 20 minutes which is where I paused it last night.