Madam Secretary Manual Recording setup for Sundays

i just set a manual recording for CBS on Sunday from 9 PM to 11 PM. This is assuming the football game will be on CBS earlier in the evening and may go overtime. It extends the time for Madam Secretary. This keeps peace in my family.

I asume others are doing something simular to record the show.

Might want to do 9 pm to 12 am :wink:

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I do a block recording from 8pm to midnight on sundays.


I just record the couple of programs that come up after Madam Secretary. For me that is the 10 PM and 10:35 PM news on Sunday night . . .

If I don’t need the extra programs (football ends on time, not likely), I just delete them.

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I scheduled the extra shows after Madam Secretary like you are doing on Time Warner before they allowed you to extend the stop times for a recording to keep it in one block. I don’t like having the recording in more than 2 blocks of recordings.

I use the season schedule for Madam Secretary plus the manual start to catch any scheduled time changes that sometimes occur during the football season. I also verify the scheduled start times for Madam Secretary before Sunday for the same reason. Because I am in the Central time, I find that allowing an extra 2 hours, 9-11 am, has always worked for me. They should just schedule 60 minutes after the ballgame and then filler until the news. Move Madam Secretary to an other night.

Okay, you ideas of either scheduling Madam Secretary in a block from 8 to 12 manually or scheduling Madam Secretary plus the 2 shows that come after it are both better than my idea adding a manual recording to start after the schedule stop time. The way that I was going to do it would have tied up 2 tuners at the end of the show. Also they are changing the start time from 9 to 9:30 for next weeks show.

Why would it tie up two tuners?

If the 2nd tuner was needed to record another show, the scheduled recording for the show would only record 60 minutes, not the 65 minutes (60+5 extra). So doing it your way would also only use one tuner.

I assume that if I auto scheduled Madam Secretary and it ended at 10 + 5 and scheduling the manual recording from 10 to 12, there would be a 5 minute over lap on 2 tuners. That happened this week. Next week when Madam Secretary is scheduled to start at 9:30, if I do change the manual recording to start at 10:30, I would have an overlap of 2 tuners of 35 minutes. Using the suggestion of dropping the auto schedule and using a manual schedule from 8 to 12 would tie up one tuner for 4 hours and everyting is good. I will probably auto schedule Madam Secretary and the two shows that come after it, as suggested, messy but you do not have make changes if the start time changes, unless the game and post game run why overtime and then they cancel the show or move it to after the news.

It would not tie up 2 tuners IF you needed the 2nd tuner. If you had another show scheduled at 10 pm on a different channel your Madam Secretary recording would only be 60 minutes from 9 am to 10 pm. Then your manual recording would use only 1 tuner from 10 pm to 12 am.

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Thank you, still learning.

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