MacOS Sierra Upgrade

I just upgraded to 10.12 and using Safari I can connect to tablo, select a recording but it will not play. I have done the usual restart of both tablo and laptop. Any thing I should know or do?

Are you on the beta??? If so, are you using the beta web interface? Otherwise it would not play.

Running 10.12 with production versions of Tablo with no issues. Try clearing the Safari cache and force Tablo to reload, should work after that.

no it is not beta it is a regular upgrade. No luck with it yet. Tried emptying of cache

Thanks for the help. I Emptied cache and restarted safari no luck. It is now not working on our other laptop which has not been upgraded. It won’t load the page at all. I Will try restarting router and tablo and see what happens.

Jestep isnt referring to MacOS beta but the Tablo Web browser beta…

After playing with this a bit I am also having issues with playback on both Chrome and Safari on OSX with the latest Tablo firmware but more specifically skipping doesnt seem to be working (in either the web beta or the regular web url )

Interesting, I do not usually use Safari, but chrome is working fine for me :confused:

Ill give it a try again but when I tested it … playback wasnt letting me skip the video… but maybe it still needed time to index it? … It did seem to playback fine with older recordings…

@Lisa_Grand Were you able to get connected using Safari? Out of curiosity, does Chrome work on the same machine?

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