Mac - Live TV No Sound

Once again, I try to use this app on anything other than my Apple TV and it fails miserably. Why is it so?

I’m logging into my account at on my MacBook Pro.

Picture looks great, but I CANNOT figure out how to get sound. This seems kind of important.

I get sound on Youtube browser tab. Not the Tablo.

Please advise.

You must have surround sound enabled in the Tablo DVR settings.

What browser are you using?

If you have Surround sound enabled, you need to use Safari, not Chrome. Chrome doesn’t load the proper codex for surround sound.


OK. I was using Brave, a flavor of Chrome. Seems to work fine with Safari.

Don’t know why it can’t work with Chrome, but it solves my problem for now.


Google doesn’t include the correct codex in the Chrome engine. It’s their problem to fix.