MAC address confusion

So reading another thread, I decided to set up a port reservation for my Tablo. Funny thing is, the MAC address on the unit does not show up in my router’s list of DHCP devices. When I finally went through and matched up everything (MAC to IP) I find my Tablo MAC is not even similar to what is printed on the unit.

Before I make myself nuts, is this normal, and likely just a cross-up on the case / box vs the innards of the Tablo?

If you are using Wireless you will see a different MAC

Hmmm… Guess that would explain it - I am using wireless. Makes sense. Thanks.

Is there a way to get the Tablo mac address if you are using wireless?

I found the solution. I used BALARC Advisor and got the wireless mac address. Now Tablo has the ip I want it to have. Going to give fixed ip addresses to all my devices. I’ve also edited \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts so I can refer to devices by name.

If you use your router as local DNS you won’t need to do this. It somewhat negates having you IPs centrally located. Now if you add a device or something changes… you have a double entry system.

My router has 2 differerent places for DNS. One is with th ip information and the other is with th dhcp information. My devices use the dns server I want that way but the other place gets the dns from the isp. I use and They are the fastest yet.

Well yes, my “internet” DNS is configures via via ISP image (I could conceivable set my own)

But for local IP address, I configure my router to
so any device it assign an IP address, it also DNS all local traffic.

if I ping tablo1 from any PC or device, I don’t need to configure each hosts file, the router handles it all. printers, IoT devices, tablos - entire LAN, one location.

Thanks. I’ll check my router again. What router do you have?

well, it’s not so much the Netgear R7000, but the 3rd party firmware running it - dd-wrt. I sometimes forget, it may have “extra” options available. I’ve also happily ran fresh-tomato (user-friendly ui) both are available for a variety of (limited) routers