LPW only on older recordings

The Roku app has been pretty solid, haven’t had any reboots or LPW in awhile with the latest firmware. However, last night we were watching a show that recorded back in the fall. We were getting constant LPWs. It wasn’t just one episode, had it across multiple. When I switch to a show that we recorded the night before, the LPWs went away. Anyone else have something like this happen?

@slippy51 - Were those recordings in a different recording quality?

No, I’ve always used the Max Recording Quality setting. So the new stuff would be recorded at that setting as well and I don’t have an issue with those recordings.

Hrm… well, the other cause could be errors in the recording stream on that particular recording.

Do you see the same behavior with other recordings from the fall?

It’s the only show we have recorded from the fall still on the Tablo. I can check how it is with the next episode of the same show. It’s possible it could be errors in recording stream, I think it’s on the channel with our lowest signal strength.

I’d put $20 on that bet.

(Canadian dollars, not US… :stuck_out_tongue: )