Loud "mosquito-like" beep between scenes on TabloTV

TabloTV on Roku-2 (the version with the audio slinging to remote headphones, but that function not in use).

Of late, there’s a very brief and piercing “beep” between commercials and programs, or between scenes in live TV mode. Sounds like a loud mosquito, but very short and noticeable. Has anyone else seen this issue, and are there any ideas on it’s fix? This started in the last month or so. I thought originally it had something to do with brighter scene transitions, but just now, watching CBS Sunday Morning live on channel 3 from Kalamazoo, they went to black screen (commercial did not get inserted) and the beep happened 3 times. Then, it beeped going to a Talsma Furniture commercial. I’ve seen this not just on this channel but on others as well, so it’s not “confined” to a certain channel or certain time of the day.

Known issue. See this thread:

will do. Thank you. Question would be, "why now?
It didn’t happen with the original debut of the updated app, and nothing has changed in my setup for months!

Thanks again! The issue is quite annoying.

Sorry to have put up a new thread on this, but how would one “know” how to word the problem such that a search would be productive! A very “odd” issue with no “standard” name, if you ask me.

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No idea. Roku makes many changes to their firmware and has no release notes. I would be very annoyed.