Loud chirp/ping

Alright, this is going to be an odd issue. It started a little while ago, I never brought it up thinking it’s unrelated, but seeing the message from the CEO, the timing may coincide with the Roku rebooting and the LPW.

I have a surround sound system at home, and even though the Tablo is only 2.0, I set it to DPLII, and it plays through all the speakers.

Coming out of commercial breaks (usually after I fast forward), I hear this loud (VERY VERY VERY LOUD) chirping/pinging sound out of my rear-left speaker. Occasionally it hits rear left then goes to rear-right. It sounds like glass breaking. It’s very brief, and VERY loud. First time it happened, I assume I had a broken window. Or my kids dropped a glass vase.

To answer the foreseeable questions - Only tablo playback, none of my other sources do this. I highly doubt (can’t say 100%, but I’d say 99.99999%) that it’s not the AVR, TV, speakers, etc. This does not happen with ANY other content either in DPLII or DD5.1 or DTS/DTS-HD. Again, only during Tablo playback (I don’t watch live TV through tablo, not sure if it happens there).

There is no odd sound (at any volume) on the PC (2.1) or phone (1.0?) at the same increments. It happens on random TV shows, but it’s ALWAYS after I fwd and right before the show starts.

Anyone else?


@Max I’ve seen this mentioned many times - https://community.tablotv.com/search?q=chirp

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You’re not going to like the answer, but again it is the Roku’s player fault. See official post from Tablo below.

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I had it with Roku LT 2700. Solved by replacing it with Roku 3 and got a Roku 4 for the living room.

I guess I need to be more active. Thanks. Roku 1 here. If roku 3 we’ll fix it, I’ll gladly upgrade…

Mine happened even watching live tv. No ff needed to get the chirp.

Had the issue on Roku 1s but replaced all three with Roku 3s and no longer have it. I understand this is a wireless Roku issue and how it handles a drop in volume the broadcasting station inserts at various points like commercial transitions. No ETA on Tablo’s end but they’re working to get it corrected.

I picked up Roku 3s used on eBay and Craigslist for about $50 and sold my 1s for $30.

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Do the roku 3s need to be hardwired for the chirp to go away?

That’s a good question. I hardwired mine so I never checked that. But in reading Tablo support’s findings it was limited to Roku 2 and below. I could unplug mine and see what I get if you like. Might be a few days to get enough viewing in though.

But after using the 3s I’ll never go back. My family can use their own Netflix profiles again, the button response speed is much faster, things open much faster, and the headphone jack on the remote comes in handy.

I’ll probably just buy one and try it, thanks though.

The only thing I use the roku for is to connect to tablo. And with the amount of tv watching I do, roku 1 was fast enough.

I asked the boss (wife) if she wants to spend $100 to get rid of the chirp, she said do it. So I’ll look for the next roku sale (or get it on Craigslist)

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Made mine happy too

If you are looking at a new device only for Tablo playback, check out the Nexus Player for $50 from BestBuy. You can get it for $25 from Target for refurb.

Works great with Tablo app.

The Nexus Player is a very nice device.

Cool, thanks. Yeah, I don’t use roku for anything else.

My Roku 3 is wireless on 5 GHz WiFI and no chirping. It is only Roku 2 and LT that have it.


NP at BB for $50, if you don’t like it, return it and get a Roku 3 / 4.


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