Lots of new recordings but free space is not decreasing

I have the quad HDMI OTA and WD 5TB Elements WDBU6Y0050BBK-WESN (USB drive) for a few months now. Looking at the Settings the first 1TB filled up as expected. Since then it’s been weeks and many new recordings have been made, but Settings still shows 1TB used and 4TB remaining. (I’m going a little crazy on TV series, some days show 30 shows being recorded!)

In Settings → Storage the drive is listed as WD Elements 2667 2007 (5001 GB)
Firmware is 2.2.40 (2207416)

I’ve rebooting the DVR but nothing changed. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.

No idea what algorithm Tablo uses to display the usage, but it could be related to the large size of the drive. Maybe you’ll only see an indication when another 300 or 400 MB is used

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I have an Nvidia Shield TV with 4TB Storage.
The progress bar shows disk usage but the wording always says 4TB Remaining.
Interestingly though, on my Android phone/Roku/Web, it shows the correct disk usage (3.75TB Remaining)
Thus, it appears to be an Android TV issue

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I have a 4TB drive will sit unchanged despite lots of recordings for long time, then will move some and go back to not moving again. Just like you seems to be normal behavior

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Hmm… seems like I may just have to wait and see. I see two scenarios: The free space starts reporting normally; Or the drive fills up with no warning! I’ll do my best to update this post when something changes. Fingers crossed that I get some kind of notice before I have no space left. Thanks for everyones input.

Keep in mind too the file size per show is obviously pretty small after converted to streaming format (or what ever it’s called).

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For a network tablo recording a HD channel at 5 Mps an hour show in h.264 uses 2.2 GB. Fot the same show on HDMI(mpeg-2) the file size could be 60% larger.

So total disk usage should be obviously changing. But this wouldn’t be the first time that the disk usage calculation could be incorrect for any number of reasons. If that is really what’s going on.

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Maybe it is, just not as you expect. It’s a graphical representation. Recordings are not stored in a single file. Different channels - 1080i, 720p, 480i will all have a different size, depending on your maximum recording quality. (maximum doesn’t upscale beyond what the broadcast quality is) So not every recording will be equal size.

Generally the thing can take care of it’s self.

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Is it possible you have “keep last” ___ episodes enabled? If so that might be deleting older episodes. As pointed out the HDMI version doesn’t use compression the way the streaming model does. You should see the drive filling at least some. I’m not that familiar with the HDMI version but my network version shows to 2 decimal places. IE 2188.34GB available. I can delete a single show and see the difference even with compression.


Can you connect the HDMI Tablo via another playback device and see what it reports as free space? See below for which device can connect to the HDMI Tablos.

To watch Tablo content on additional TVs within your home, you’ll need an active TV Guide Data Service subscription, a strong home WiFi network and one of these:

  • A Smart TV powered by: Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, or Android TV OR
  • A Set-Top-Box/Streaming Media Device: Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, or Chomecast with Google TV, or Nvidia SHIELD
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Well, you all are right, I should just wait and see! I took a picture of the Storage progress bar when I started this post, and over the weekend I noticed the bar had moved up just a little bit. But, strangely it also reported 1TB used, 3TB free! Remember this is a 5TB drive. This morning I looked again and now it reports 2TB used and 3TB free. So I guess it’s really rounding off the numbers and does work it’s way out.
Looking back, I think what really confused me was that in the beginning we were recording a lot of current series HD shows (on the -1 channels) and that filled up the space quickly. But over the summer all we’re recording are re-runs, which are not in HD since they’re all on the -2 or -3 etc. channels. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on the progress bar but I see that it is moving. So… not as detailed a report as jimtablotv but it seems to be working.
Thanks all!

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That’s a nice thing about DVR’s. There really isn’t much good OTA during the summer. We catch up on stuff we didn’t have time for during busy TV seasons. :rofl:

Glad you figured it out!

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