Lots of buffering

Tablo wired to to my router recordings set up to 720(3) and still have a lot of buffering. Very annoying. With the latest Chromecast. After a lot of reading, I thought I set it up to optimize everything but still have these problems. Everything works flawlessly with smartphone ( Nexus 6p 7.0) and iPad. As I switch the feed thru Chromecast…begins the buffering. Anything else I could try to make it work?

Unfortunately not much, the Chromecast is not a very powerful device and the WiFi antenna in it is quite small so you may be getting poor signal resulting in slow WiFi speeds leading to buffering.

If playback is just fine on the iPad or smartphone, both WiFi devices, I would get another TV playback device. Say a FireTV or Roku. Or this new Android box which is supposed to work well with the Tablo (it replaces the Google Nexus Player as a good Tablo playback device):

What is the make and model of your router? You coul try upgrading your router which may improve WiFi signal as well.

Thanks, I’m using an airport tc as my main router. Works very well on every other using. If the Chromecast is so referred as a problem on this community, Tablo TV should aware us of this before buying and advertised the casting possibility. All “try this , try that” involve cost. Maybe the new ultra Chromecast 4k could be tested by Tablo TV and referred as a good or bad solution.

The limitation with the Chromecast is not on the Tablo, it is on the inherent hardware of the Chromecast. I got my Chromecast with 3 feet of my router and all the buffering issues went away. I then upgraded my router and I could use it farther away but it was still problematic sometimes. I use a Roku 3 Model 4200 from March 2013 just fine with the Tablo, so it’s not really based on old or new tech, just underpowered tech.

Which AirPort TC anyway? Does it have Wireless AC?

Wireless 802.11 AC is the newest standard. When i do a speed test using my Galaxy S7 or Nexus 9 tablet, both which support 802.11 AC i get faster internet than I’m paying for. When I use my laptop i get less than half what I’m paying for. This is using Arris SB6190 which supports us to 32 channnels if your isp uses them. TW in Austin, TX uses 24. My router is an Archer TP Link C7 which supports Wireless 802.11 AC.

I assume on a LAN there would be the same problem.

Roku 4 and NP also support 802.11 AC. I resubscribed to Hulu yesterday and watched a movie last night. NO BUFFERING!!! Replacing cable modem got rid of buffering.

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Yes the wireless AC version. Bought it a year ago. I might buy apple TV to get access of the great selection of iTunes. Hope it get better reception than the Chromecast. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

There is a Tablo app for Apple TV.

The Apple TV app works but from what I’ve heard (I’ve never used it), it seems to be a WIP. I would recommend a FireTV, Roku, or thay Android box. All which are much cheaper than the new Apple TV 4. There is no app for the older Apple TV units.

Either way, let us know how it goes.

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The new Xiaomi box linked above is excellent based on my testing so far. It also allows you to cast videos like your Chromecast you are currently using. I would recommend trying it out from Walmart - it is about half the cost of the Apple TV (only $70) and it has 4k HDR support and a more full baked Tablo app.

You could always return if it doesn’t work out for you.


I’i suggest calling or using Walmatt app or website and see if it is in stock. Some are sold out. Could order and pick up in store

The buffering is probably your network, mate. When I first had the Tablo, I had lots of buffering on my Roku3. People on this forum suggested it was my network but I thought they were just taking the piss. I eventually replaced my trusty old router (the key word here being old) and the buffering vanished.


Most Walmarts are sticking to the official sell date no earlier than the 11th, YMMV…

As soon as I read your first sentence I knew the word Chromecast was coming. I started with Chromecast as well so I feel your pain. I’m afraid its the least desirable device for Tablo users. There are better options out there that enable you to use full 1080 option.

The Roku TV is also nice.

I like having my TV separate from my streaming player, you keep a TV for like 10 years and then replace a streaming devices every 2 years.

Not most Walmarts, maybe some of them are. On Reddit I would say about 85% of commenters were able to buy one no problem. Just buy online for in store pickup.

Ordered the Mi box online from Walmart and picked up in store in Phoenix no problem. Works great and is very fast.

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I picked mine up yesterday from the Tempe Walmart.

Specs here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/10737/xiaomi-4k-mi-box-now-available-in-us

Supports 802.11 ,AC

Looks like we have quite a few Phoenix people here! I picked up from Mesa Walmart. Very impressed by the speed so far, especially buffering speed.

I’m also glad I removed the Xiaomi recommends bar.

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