Lost WSBK - Boston

Anyone else lose WSBK TV-38 out of Boston? I can’t even get it to show up on my scan anymore. Been solid for years OTA.

I’ve lost it as well. I thought it might be my antenna but that didn’t seem to matter for me.

AVS Forum folks seem to think it’s because of tropospheric/interference issues: https://www.avsforum.com/threads/boston-ma-ota.28454/post-60088947

Thank you for looking into this, but no that’s not it. All channels show up on my scan, except WSBK TV 38. It doesn’t even show up as a red dot, nothing. It’s like the station disappeared. I do get the occasional interference as the summer is winding down, but this is different.

*** UPDATE *** I just spoke with an engineer at WSBK TV in Boston and he stated that their signal strength is currently at 100% and that he is getting the signal on 2 separate televisions OTA down in Providence no less, which is 40 miles away. I’m not sure what is going on here. Any thoughts as to why this channels would not show up at all during my scan?

Where are you located? I am in the greater Worcester area.

I’m in Cambridge. I have an extremely weak signal (single red dot).

That is quite interesting. The transmission tower is only in Needham along with all the other stations. You’re only 10 miles away!

I know but for the life of me I can’t get a half decent signal.

Try contacting them. It might help if they hear from someone as close as you. We often get dismissed out West as being too far away to care. I filled out the contact page for news stories and apologized for using the news tips form for this question. They called me in less than 10 minutes. Here’s the link I used. https://boston.cbslocal.com/station/wbz-tv/

I live in Northboro and have no issues. I just checked and the signal is fine though it is now listed as MNT and not WSBK. Channels 38-1 through 5 are there though 38-2 is the only one listed as WSBK.2

Thanks I’ll do that.

Five green dots on all five 38.x channels here in Shrewsbury

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Ron, now THAT is very interesting. I have one of the original 4 tuner Tablos, how about you? I’m over in Auburn on the other side of Holy Cross, so we’re not that far apart.

It’s weird that one day it just disappeared, but yes I am aware of the 38- channels. Thank you for checking.