Lost Schedule

I was on a trial subscription when I bought the 4 tuner. Now my schedule is gone and nothing recorded this past Thursday and Friday. I don't remember when the trial ended but is the end of the subscription the reason I lost my schedule?



It is why. Without a subscription, you are limited to a recording single episodes or recurring date/time/channel recordings.


“Without a subscription you can choose to record a single episode at a time in the Live TV screen, or set a recurring recording for a date, time and channel. Series recording is not available.”

Thanks very much for the help.

I figured as much so I started to manually schedule things. The problem is the top right corner is purple and I think that means something is not right. Anyone have a suggestion about what IM doing wrong?


The problem is the top right corner is purple and I think that means something is not right.

Have you tried to schedule a short recording in the near future to see if it works? If so, and it actually doesn't work, perhaps posting a photo might help someone spot a problem. I suspect there aren't many Tablo owners without a subscription.

@PrimalScream You’re all good! The purple indicator you’re seeing is the symbol for a manual recording :). “Regular” recordings show up with an orange badge.

I’ve had recurring recordings scheduled for sometime without a paid subscription.  I powered off the unit to move it along with my antennae. After setting it back up again, noticed there is no longer any scheduled recordings.  Is this normal?  If so, would this happen if I were paying for a guide subscription?  Would hate to have to setup a new schedule for all programs everytime the power were to go out…


When you say you powered off the unit - did you just remove the power from the back? Or did you hold down the rest button at all? This would induce a factory reset - which is the same with or without a subscription. Just removing power definitely shouldn’t erase your scheduled data, though.

@TabloSupport I did not do a factory reset.  Just unplugged and moved unit with the antennae.  Because I moved the unit, I also re-scanned the channels.  Would this have something to do with losing the scheduled recordings?  If not, could it be they are still scheduled, but not visable? 

@bkoster Just to be sure - these are all manual recordings, correct? This shouldn’t be happening, but let me know and I’ll test it here.

@TabloSupport some of the recordings I would select the program from the guide several hours before airing then just select repeat recording schedule and save it.  Some of the others I would add them manually supplying the date, time, and channel.  All were deleted when moving the unit.

@bksoter Was the Tablo writing to the disk when you removed the power? That’s the only thing I can think of that would cause some issues. If the airings are gone, though - I won’t be able to see a history associated with them in the logs…

@TabloSupport I don’t believe any recordings were in progress, however I can’t be certain at this point. I do have two failed recordings sitting out there.  All other recordings are still available.  I’ve since added again some of the recurring schedules.  When I’m looking at the scheduled recording page and hit the reload button on my browser; as it’s loading the page it starts to display the old scheduled recordings I had that were deleted… But when the page fully loads it reverts back and those old scheduled recordings are gone.  Not sure if that is noteworthy or not.

@bkoster Sounds like it may just be the old cached data. If you delete the cache it would likely stop this behaviour: 
To clear your cache, navigate to Settings > History > Clear browsing data..