Lost remote connection to my tablo quad

I lost connection to my tablo quad. I am out of town. Is there a way to reconnect remotely or reboot remotely?

I’m sorry this won’t help you today, but you can power cycle the Tablo remotely, if you use a network controlled outlet, like a WeMo:

I have my mom’s Tablo set up that way, so she can power cycle the Tablo without going upstairs.
I can actually power cycle her Tablo from anywhere there is internet, or cell service.


What device are you using?

I haven’t had Tablo app on my iPhone or iPad lose the pairing in a few years now. I know in the past it used to be an issue for people.

iPhone with tablo app. I had someone go by and reboot tablo and it is working again,

So your phone didn’t lose pairing with the Tablo cause a reboot of the Tablo wouldn’t fix that.

When you setup Tablo Connect, did you setup manual port forwarding on your router? Or did you let the Tablo do it via UPnP?

The router and tablo quad disconnected so I couldn’t connect to tablo until tablo was rebooted. I remotely rebooted router but tablo did not reconnect until rebooted