Lost OTA Channels

I relocated my Tablo dual lite to my new house last week. I shut it down as directed and when I started it up without issues. TV channels and recordings all came up without issue.

Yesterday, roughly a week later, live TV is not available. My channel list is present, yet selecting any of the channels for live TV yields no programming and a “Try again” error message.

I rescanned channels and all are shown to be discovered, however, I can’t click the “Done” button when the scan is complete as it is never activated. if I go back I’m still in the same situation with no live TV.

I’m guessing there’s a possibility the database is somehow corrupt, but I don’t want to do a factory reset and lose my recordings.

Any suggestions on how I might resolve the loss of my live TV and not lose my recordings?

Have you tried rebooting your Tablo? Quickly press and release the blue reset button and see if that clears your problem.

@LWB250 - It sounds like your Tablo is quite unhappy! Someone from the support team will reach out to you shortly so we can get this patched up.

Not at home right now but that’s on my list. I’ll wait to see what the Tablo folks have to recommend first.