Lost live streaming for NBC (Channel 12) on both my Roku's

In live streaming I am unable to view NBC channel. It is continually loading. I have rebooted my Roku and my Tablo units doesn’t fix it. I am able to view live TV for NBC on my android tablet and set up recordings and watch NBC from the recording but not live TV with my Roku. Thanks for any help.

My NBC feed went all wonky last night after watching for a couple hours with no problems. I started getting little pixelations which increased to the point of being unwatchable. It was as though my antenna get turned or something. We weren’t experiencing any weird weather or anything so I checked my direct-to-tv connection and the channel was fine. I re-scanned the channels on the Tablo and everything came up as usual and then NBC worked fine. It was like the Tablo lost it’s fine tuning on that channel or something. AAR, the re-scan solved it.

Are you guys in the same neck of the woods?

Sometimes a broadcaster will change some parameter and a rescan will let the Tablo catch up with the change.

I still get NBC in with great quality. The problem is it doesn’t load when I try and watch live TV with both of my Rokus. I can view live TV with my android Tablet. I can set up recordings with my Tablet and it will record and I can watch recorded shows on NBC (channel 12) with my Roku.

@DoveMan - That’s very odd… Can you pop us a note so we can take a look at this? http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

I sent an e-mail yesterday also. :smile:

@DoveMan - Reply sent! Hope we can get this sorted for you.

2.2.10 update has fixed the live stream on my Rouku for NBC (Channel 12)! Thank you :smile:

Roku 3 or Roku 4? I use Roku 4 wireless without problems.

Roku 3. I was able to record from NBC but not live stream from the time that 2.2.2 came out until now with the 2.2.10.