Lost Connection Overnight - Had to reboot

I received my Tablo 4-tuner yesterday and setup went without issue. The Tablo is hardwired to my router. The device worked fairly well last night and recorded some shows. While I do have concerns over a few bugs, I’m most concerned that the Tablo lost connection overnight. The blue light was flashing slowly and I could not connect with any of my devices. I read that some hard drives will go to sleep so first I unplugged the hard drive and then plugged it back in…No change. After a reboot, everything is working, but how do I keep this from occurring again? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

@Nickdean A slow blink indicates the Tablo has no IP from your network. Is your router or network set up on any kind of schedule? 

No schedule. All other devices on the network maintain connection all the time. I made no change to the router to get the Tablo back on line…Just reset it. I just discovered the support request link and will submit there as well.

Did that for me several times but the blue LED never flashed - it was always on stead and yet nothing else could contact it, the web interface kept saying it was trying to contact or connect. 
No other devices lost connection and the blue LED was always solid. It always took a reboot to get it working again. 
I’ve totally changed my network scheme so we’ll see…if it STILL does it then it’s a bug.


What’s the make and model of your router?

As well, did you enable Tablo Connect on the Tablo? That can alter settings on your router if UPnP is enabled on the router.

My router is a Frontier DSL unit, make = Westel, model = A90-75044-07

I did enable Tablo connect, and had to setup some port forwarding, which Tablo says it will work now (but I haven't tried it).