Lost channels after update

We have a Yagi mounted in the attic and have lost our local (Nashville) PBS channels today after updating Tablo to 2.2.30. Channels are still missing after re-scan. Antenna hasn’t budged. Any thoughts or similar experience?

Check the website for the station. Today is repack day, and they might have switched to a frequency that doesn’t propagate as well. Many PBS stations took the cash to switch to a less desirable VHF channel.

Sometimes, they take the transmitter down for maintenance, was knocked out by lightening, etc. I once had that happen with my local CBS station. I called them and they verified it was down. You might want to try scanning again, or if that fails, hook your antenna directly to your TV to verify.

I live in Nashville too, and July 3 was a repack day. I just upgraded to 2.2.30 and also rescanned, and I can get PBS again.

Thanks everyone. I see that they have lowered the signal power for 4-5 weeks while working on their antenna. I will just need to be patient.