Lost Audio while watching tv

Lost sound while watching tv last night. Isolated the issue to the Tablo Box. Could update have screwed something up??

Try restarting the Tablo box? Make sure surround sound wasn’t turned on by mistake?

Surround sound… on what??

As I understand it there is a main “surround” sound setting in the Settings screen, then there is also a way to toggle “surround” sound in the playback client itself. You can probably search the forum for more info, or maybe another forum member will chime in.

I’m not aware of any surround sound toggle in the playback section. The two toggles there are closed captions and commercial skip if you have that service.

You’re right @Nilex, I was thinking of commercial skip! Apologies to the OP!

Still no sound. It went out in the middle of watching the Olympic trials

I can only assume the audio processor went out. Will call them on Monday

Just to be sure I’d check that surround is unchecked in the settings. Doesn’t seem like it would be the problem, but easy to check.

What’s the life span of a Tablo?

Many of us are early users, going back to 2014 (maybe some earlier?)

My first 2-tuner Tablo was bought in 2014, I added a 2nd one. Both are working without issue, using same drives even as when they were deployed.

Question probably deserving of a new post btw.

Got my OG 2-tuner in 2014 (pre-order), the original Seagate drive starting having trouble after a few years, switched to a USB SSD. Upgraded to a Quad in April 2019 using a WD SATA 2TB internal drive - no problems so far.

FYI, I use no cooling fans, it just sits on some Cat5/HDMI cable loops which raises it about a 1/2 inch.

Were you able to get in touch with our team and get this resolved? It sounds like an issue with the Surround Sound setting.