Lost all repeating recordings set up in Schedule

I have a few shows set up as repeating recordings and this has been working fine. Tuesday evening I set up one for the new show Zoo using the Live TV grid. These are all manual recordings as I don’t subscribe to the Guide. I also set up a couple of other shows manually for repeating recordings,

Yesterday (Wednesday) I checked and discovered that Zoo had not been recorded and when I checked the Scheduled section it was blank.

All my actual Recordings are still there and playable but the entire Schedule of repeating recordings has been wiped.

Has anyone else run into this?

@AceConrad - We’ll look into this. Make sure to place a ticket with support as well in case we need to look at the logs on your Tablo to determine why this occurred.

Yes, I’ve already done that. Just wondering if others have experienced this.

I can now replicate this problem! It happens every time I do a Rescan for Channels. I’ve updated my ticket with Tablo Support so will see if this is a known problem.

I could be wrong here, but I am guessing that would be expected. With no guide, and a channel rescan you would be clearing everything I would think.

I have a subscription, so my results may not be the same, but if I schedule a repeated manual recording and do a channel rescan, the schedule is still there.

I received an update from support confirming that this should not be happening and that they have referred it to QA and Development for investigation.

Curiously when I use either the Firefox or new Microsoft Edge browsers and go to Scheduled I see all my old series recording items that I set up when I still had Guide access, No manual repeating programs show up in that view either.