Lost ability to Chromecast from android phone

@mattb33 With the web app changes released with 2.1.16 I’m unable to cast from the web app via my android phone. I would like to see a native web app cast button, like the one available in the android tablet app currently.

It appears the new functionality in the web app to launch an external player, is the culprit. Unlike the android tablet app that can do same, it’s a new forced action on my android phone (4.1.2). Also unlike the android tablet app, which has a native cast button in the main UI the web app, the web app hides the cast button until the player is launched. This means I can use MX player (which i like very very much) as the external player for my android tablet and phone but I can only cast to Chromecast via the tablet because MX player doesn’t have it’s own cast button.

Does Tablo have a tested solution to cast from android phones after 2.1.16?

Btw, I actually love that I can finally watch Tablo on my phone via the external player feature as I can finally skip around commercials and do it via the epically awesome MX player touch controls. Please don’t take that away. MX player is about the only reason I still use my Tablo as it’s the only thing designed for touch first.

But I also have to be able to cast from my phone or else the Chromecast capability remains pointless.

Hi @Thumbs. Android is a real mine field… In trying to get Samsung playback to cooperate, we increased the version threshold for supporting inline HTML5 video playback. At 4.1.2, you’ve unfortunately been relegated to the legacy bracket, which prompts you to open the video by URL.

Perhaps a setting in the Settings screen that shows up for Android only would be in order. Something like “Android only: force inline HTML5 player” or something like that, despite what we detect as your version.

Android is just so fragmented, there is often no way to properly detect what will and what won’t work. Even version numbers aren’t enough…

Well OK. Found a work around. So yes, now I can have my cake and eat it to! But it’s a pain, help.

First of all, there is clearly some value in being able to launch an external player from the web app, as this has resolved my inability to use Tablo to view video on my phone. Yes, I would suggest you put the option in settings, just like it presently is in the android tablet app… But not as a force inline option. I read about many others that are unable to get video seeking to work within the inline player, just like me. Give them the option to switch. MX player works so well.

So you inspired me to try to find an external video player that would also cast to Chromecast… Couldn’t find one quickly for network streams but in testing out VLC (which is no good) I noticed I had the option to select chrome to play the Tablo “launch external player” link and that works and it’s not even the beta version of chrome… But it’s not ideal at all. First it takes 6 button clicks to play the video on Chromecast now (Tablo play, Tablo launch external player, android select player, android just do this once, chrome cast the bloody video already button) the second issue is that once I disconnect, it reloads the originating Tablo URL which has to go through the authentication and connecting process, which never completes before my screen times out. Lastly, chrome is unable to play the video locally (audio only) so as is my preference, I have to keep using MX player for local playback on the phone.

Besides adding the option for all Tablo users to be able to launch an external player via a settings option… Please get rid of the launch external player web page and button. I already clicked Tablo play, the page doesn’t give me any options, it’s just a needless extra button click and interruption to the one thing Tablo must do well… Play my videos. I’m sure adding a settings page option to launch an external player can make this easier to implement.

@mattb33 while you’re interface is the only one in all of Tablo worth a damn to manage schedules and recordings, unless you find a way to control Chromecast without deferring to Google’s inline player, I will continue to eagerly await the day a android phone app is released.
As always, thanks for the feedback.

@Thumbs Thanks for your input. Mat and I will pass  along your suggestions to the rest of the team.